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    Wanted - Ladies push bike in good condition

    Anyone got a ladies bicycle they would like to get rid of? Please let me know
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    Long Term Rental required Calis area Unfurnished

    I am a single retired English lady looking for a long term rental, either an apartment or a villa in the Calis area. I would prefer a peaceful quiet location, not too far from the sea. It must be long term, so not up for sale. I would treat your house with respect, as though it were my own. I...
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    Kitchen bistro table and two stools New

    This was purchased last month and has been used a couple of times, due to a change in circumstances it is now for sale 350tl
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    Flight from Gatwick to Dalaman 29/12/2013 for sale

    I now need to travel back from Manchester instead. This flight leaves gatwick st 14.30 on 29th December £50 you to pay admin costs if you are interested then pm me please
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    UK television and unlimited broadband in Turkey

    Can anyone tell me the best way to watch UK tv, basic channels, I'm not into sport or movies, just BBC, ITV, Channels. 4&5. Also can anyone tell me the best broadband package for unlimited use Many thanks Sue
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    House contents required

    I've found an unfurnished villa to rent and will be needing just about everything Beds, fridge, freezer, table and chairs, settee, microwave, heaters, tv, cooker, washer, pots pans, rugs, etc so if anyone has anything to sell please pm me details and prices Many thanks
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    Mobile phones, dongles and all things Internet

    I am looking for advice please, having now actually made the move to Turkey last Saturday, hurrah, at long last! I have been to the Turkcell shop and purchased a dongle, and a small cheap mobile to be able to call the UK I also have an iPhone and an ipad, do I need to register these anywhere? I...
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    Shrien Dewani

    Did anyone see the BBC panorama programme last night ? I have been following this case with interest, I cannot believe that a man could do this to his new bride. If he didnt love her why not walk away, don't get married and have her murdered. It just gets curiouser and curiouser, what about the...
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    Latest airline scam !

    Just checked in online for myself and daughter, we never pay extra for allocated seats, we just arrive nice and early at the airport to make sure we can sit together. They now allocate split seats at the online check in unless you pay the extra to sit together! This is with Jet2, so not sure if...
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    Bus pass for pensioners

    Does anyone on here have a concessionary bus pass for pensioners? Or know the criteria to get one ? I spotted somewhere on Facebook that they do exist, but can't get back to where I saw it:27br:
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    Travel Insurance

    I am moving to Turkey in October and looking for travel insurance. I understand that normal holiday insurance will not cover me as I won't have a return date. I am aware of the Aviva health insurance that I can set up once I get my tax number in Turkey. So what I need is the type of insurance...
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    Fethiye fish market

    For anyone who has not been to Fethiye before, a trip to the fish market is a must. You can choose your fish at one of the many fish stalls, and then one of the nearby restaurants will cook it for you for a small fee. They will include bread and salad for a couple of pounds ! My friend and I...
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    Dance classes

    Does anyone know of any dance classes in the area, either ceroc, modern jive, etc ?
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    Turkish lessons

    I'm hoping when I move to Uzumlu in October to try and learn some Turkish, does anyone know if there are any classes around this area?
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    Cash in Turkey

    Can anybody tell me the best way to draw cash and pay for things in Turkey? I am retiring in October and will have my pension paid into my UK account. Is it easy to open a Turkish bank account ? Would that be the answer, or is there a better way ?
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