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  • Hi, could you please send me details for donations to Shirley's tribute fund. I don't really use the forum but heard you were collecting. She was one in a million and a great friend. Thanks, Tracey x
    Good afternoon

    Can you let me know Paypal details for contributions, please?

    It's a pity someone with technical knowledge couldn't gather her Turkish Lessons together on the forum & leave them as a resource.

    I had a short e mail correspondence with her as she went to the same Convent Grammar School as someone I worked with, but it turned out they were 10 years apart! She, Shirley, had no happy memories of it or Hartlepool.
    Hi Lesley and Larry Thanks for the message.
    Yes I am out from the 12th until the 20th October so bound to see you around town.
    Patricia is doing very well she has gone into "Stringent Complete Remission" after her Stem Cell Transplant and at the moment she has monthly infusions of Zometa a bone rebuilding drug.Looking forward as I always do to be in Yalikavak and hope to see you there maybe at SANDIMA!!! Cheers!!
    Hi Lesley...just read your post about Soul Music........ and today I have been listening to 'Northern Soul all-nighter' on Smooth Radio on the Internet. An hour of music from four different Northern Soul venues. This radio station also has a Motown hour on a Saturday followed by 4 hours of 'Soul Train. Really good. You may have already come across it but just in case... Enjoy. x
    Yes, I have heard a lot about that area, we have travelled to Bodrum itself but not to surrounding areas. My wife is keen to buy something that way but we have just purchased in Side. We enjoy Side for a while and maybe look to invest in the Bodrum area, if we can find something suitable!
    Hi---Yes Marton Mere. Been several times--good as less than 1hrs drive+dog loves caravans. Should have been my older cousin going but her husband not well(80+)so theyn gave it to us. Had to downgrade from the "luxury" van they had paid for ,to standard so dog could come.Hope not too much bad weather. Off to Ovacik with family 26th June for 19 days---dreading the heat !! Kind Regards--Lucie(that's our previous lovely dog) ---I'm actually Enid.
    Aw Shirl has it arrived, I posted this bar on 14th February and keep thinking I wonder where it has gone to, I did exactly as I did last time, wrapped it up well, and off it went. xxxxxx
    chok chok chok choc chock
    i had a bar from me frendy wendy
    choc choc choc choc chocy
    besty besty frendy wendy
    thank you lesleywendyfrendy xxxxxxxxxxx
    Do either of you know my coz Lynne Kirkman?-she runs a cattery on Lawsons Road but her and Pete seem to go to Turkey quite often.I've just come back from 3 wks in Didim,I like Altinkum but it's good to have somewhere to escape from the resort.
    Yes, just back from work Such a shame about the week end weather,was planning to go to Oxford on Saturday to meet the kids half way from London for the day for a catch up. bl,,,,,,dy,English weather!!!
    Looks really hot in Yali at the mo. are you ok?

    As promised here is my Turkish mob number: 05356086812

    Look forward to hearing from you.xxxx
    Sorry I missed your reply Re: Asiago. I have been told it is shut for good I hope not. Mustafa met a beautiful young girl in Istanbul lastsummer, I think this has something to do with the closure.I so hope you are right and it is just closed for the winter....Such a lovely guy, and such good coffee....Speak to you
    I'm sorry not to have replied to your email but have only just come across it. We live off of Briar Road and have now bought an apartment in Didim. It was off-plan but opened over Christmas and we spent a week there getting things together, back over there in April. It's great, we love it and hope to spend as much time as possible.

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