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    van rental

    Hi We are hoping to move back to the UK and want to rent a van and drive over to take our furniture back, but we are having trouble getting a rental company that allows us to drive into Turkey, a friend of mine rented one from Sixt a couple of years ago have contacted them but they no longer...
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    UK to Icmeler drive

    We have just driven our car over from the Uk, not sure if I can post how much everything including Tolls and Petrol was and if anyone is interested in how much it cost.
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    Icmeler Tremor

    Just had to say was awake for my first tremor, did anyone else feel it just before 6pm tonight, my partner did not feel it at all, but I was sat on settee and wondered what was happening!
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    flights 4 sale

    My friend has had to rebook her flights for Gatwick due to Defra change to take her dog back to uk, so she has two flights for sale 8th November Dalaman to Manchester 17.35pm depart Arrives 20.20pm She would like to get some money back on them, all you will have to pay on top is 20 each for...
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    cockrels and dogs, cant sleep

    Just thought I'd have a moan about the dogs that belong over the road that are keeping me awake running after everything through the night and barking non stop for hours and now to top it off my neighbour has been and got chickens and has been waking me about 5am each morning, oh my how did i...
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    Happy Birthday Sweet Harmony

    Happy Birthday Sweet Harmony, hope you have a fantastic day xxx:27br::tigger::tigger:
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    What a lovely bunch of people you all are

    Have only been a member for a short while, but I am over the moon I found you all, information is at hand for any subject anytime of day I get worried about my pending move to Turkey. Its a breath of fresh air to see people helping each other out in such a horrible selfish world at the moment...
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    Tomorrow's D'Day for flying my dogs Wish me luck

    Hi Tomorrow is the day that I fly my dogs to Turkey, I have my export Certificates, two dogs and two passport holders, so why am I sooo worried, are they going to end up going round the carousel, am I going to have to give a bit of money to the Customs, am I going to be able to get them out of...
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    Two dogs one passport

    Hi am wondering if I have been given wrong information, I flying out to Dalaman next week with my two dogs, my partner has already flown over and I was told it would be okay by the Turkish Embassy to take the two of them on my passport I am now so worried as everyone is saying one dog/cat per...
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