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  • I ill take your word for it, you sound an honest type of chap,
    well done with the charity work.
    A bets a bet i will give to the Helping hands charity then which buy electric wheelchairs etc for disabled Turkish ,i do a bit for the charity myself we have monthly auctions etc .Dont know how i am going to prove to you that i have done the deal i will see if any one who helps the charity is a TLF member so they can confirm,cheers Kevin.
    hi greg,
    give me a ring tommorow if your around i should be able to give you a few pointers
    tel 05355998538
    Hello Stuart,
    İ am told you are the man from Karabag!'--i think we have spoken about this before?

    My FİL was born in that area of fethiye (near the old cinema) which i presume is near the sea-shore??--what is it like living there year round? someone said it is damp and cold due to the mountain 'shadow'? my FİL doesnt portray it that way!

    What are rental and buying prices like?--we can buy in the restricted area because my wife is turkish!

    We might be down there tomorrow (7/11) and any info would be helpful

    Regards Greg
    thanks for the birthday wishes mate.
    but didnt need reminded about the big 60..lol
    creeps up on you quickly....doesnt it!

    i see your just 3 weeks older than me lol.

    Next year the big 60 eh Stuart

    Enjoy your day mate

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