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    UK Cost of Living

    Here's a novel idea. Why not tax the rich? They've certainly not felt the pinch recently
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    Labour going forward

    Blairite and a sell out Sybil. Sorry Camden I really want a socialist government that's built from the grassroots. Starmer has continually chipped away at that, losing loads of the membership. If Starmer wins the next election, it will be because the Tories lost it. Starmer is not inspiring...
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    Labour going forward

    Philip and Camden, I find it sad to see two tearing into each other. From my observations, you both have more similar values than not. I find I agree with a lot of what you both contribute. In my opinion, it's not about nationalism it's about economics. Scotland, NI and Wales have been ignored...
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    P & O.

    Please sign and share everyone
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    UK Cost of Living

    If this is right it will disproportionately affect the north because we pay higher council tax than down south. So much for levelling up
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    What did you have tonight

    Naturli isn't a bad non dairy spread Martin
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    Boris's fibs

    I agree Philip. Especially the way they continue to treat Corbyn too
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    Labour going forward

    I'm really saddened by the current Labour regime. They've spent more time witch hunting Corbyn than opposing the Tories. I despair
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    Having attended an all girls convent school I can relate to this. Catholicism is full of guilt and inconsistencies
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    Labour going forward

    I can't see any vision at all from Labour and therein lies the problem. They're too preoccupied in destroying the last vestiges of Corbyn instead of attacking the Tories.
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    Labour going forward

    i believe Corbyn always wanted to honour the referendum but with better negotiated terms. However, there were some people in the Labour party undermining this and making Corbyn look indecisive. Personally, I was unsure of staying in the EU myself but with the benefit of hindsight Brexit seems...
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    Boris - Tories - What now?

    'The forum is quickly turning into a toxic space where some members are only interested in anti-UK/anti-British/anti-brexit/anti-government posting' . I asked you the question when did being anti Brexit and anti Tory was being unpatriotic as that is what your post implies. I love Britain and...
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    Boris - Tories - What now?

    Since when did not being a Tory make you unpatriotic Tenpin? Are we living in a one party totalitarian state? I happen to like my country and actually live here. Do You? I find your petulance amusing. You've been drip feeding your pro Brexit and Tory propaganda for ages and now the tide is...
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    News Positive UK Manufacturing/Investment News

    You are touchy Tenpin. I believe my post is related to the thread. I merely query the bonus, as £750 seems quite paltry compared to JCB's donations to the Tories
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