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    Turkey - Emergency Consular Assistance UK Travel advice updated on … Urgent help via Consular assistance team on 020 7008 1500
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    Burglaries in Akbuk

    Following a bit of CCTV delving I managed to provide full facial shots of the burglars who have been doing Akbuk. So maybe some of you can sleep a bit better Not sure if I've heard right but I think they got them today shots fired early morning. Don't know for sure though will ask around Robbie
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    Phone Lost

    Hello, My father lost his Sony Xperia U near olivias restaurant on Monday Night(17th). It was used on Tuesday night around the same location If anyone has found it we can offer a reward as it has photos on we cant retrieve Thanks Robbie
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    UK Car

    Just a question if a UK lhd car is bought into Turkey by pensioners and is subsequently going to be kept here permanently(eventually). Do we still need to keep UK tax and insurance going or can we go SORN? Any advice welcome Thanks
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    MA Plates

    Can anyone tell me what the rules are regarding MA plates for a retired couple Who can drive the car? Just the UK registered owner and not spouse/husband? Can you choose at registration? Thanks Robbie
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    Importing a Car

    Just found this info for importing a LHD drive car to Turkey if you fit into their criteria(you cannot import a RHD anymore) Pre 2005 and 1.6L or less seems affordable bond wise(4000TL). Anything else forget it :) Costs for paperwork etc are about...
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    1.2m Offset Dish

    Could anyone tell me if they are managing to pick up any channels from astra 2a with a 1.2m offset dish? now astra 2b gone not getting discovery realtime et al Need a bigger ofset dish to work with our motor. On a 90cm at the min but don't want to blindly upgrade Thanks robbie
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    Turkcell Akbuk

    Is there an issue? It has been off since yesterday no signal can only pick up AVEA
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    Change of law

    Just spoke to my father and apparently you can no longer change a UK car to Turkish plates as they no longer accept right hand drives Can anyone elaborate? Robbie
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    Health Insurance 66/63

    Anyone know of a turkish company that accepts some of 66 years for health insurance(hospitalisation only)? English ones are £380 per month minimum otherwise will go SGK
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    Bodrum Airport Customs

    Does anyone know the opening times for dropping off a car?
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    Purchasing New Without Getting Ripped Off

    Hello, Just some info for others. After searching the local area for a 3G aerial(no one has them) and 1.5m Satellite dish(was quoted 300TYL) I stumbled upon I found the goods here very competitively price and tried to purchase using a credit card which failed as it was at our UK...
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    Renault 9 For Sale - Akbuk

    Father selling his Renault 9(1994) running petrol and GAS. Has had a lot of work done to it. New brakes, new solex carb etc etc. Will post photos sortly Looking for 6000 TYL very good condition and still has 1 years MOT Contact bradley on 5317752470 We are in Akbuk Thanks
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    Ferry Prices

    Parents doing a road trip from the uk Need some advice with ferries. Going via Italy and Greece So far seen ferry brindisi to patras 200 inc cabin and piraeus to chios 340 inc cabin then 90 chios to cesme Are these prices cheaper if you just turn up? or do you recommend prebooking? Advice...
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    Anyone know where to buy firewood/coal around the area(didim/akbuk)? Robbie
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