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  • Dear Stelliebellie,

    Sorry for this late response but have only just picked up the message. Thanks for your input but thankfully we don't smoke and don't intend to buy a car (you never know though). I do appreciate that costs go up, like everywhere, but there has to be savings in heating, council tax and things of that nature. Anyway, we are only thinking about living over in Didim at the mo.

    hi Bonnie
    I've sent you a couple of messages today and yesterday, the first was just a thant you and the second another query, but I'm not sure they are getting throught because I'm not use to this site. I've tried a different way this time, could you let me know if you have received them,
    My friend Ian apologised for not getting back to you sooner but he is not very good with forums !
    His reply, if you got it, re driving licences is sound. Do as the thread says for the Bodrum area.


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