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    Are sterilising tablets for babies available in Istanbul?

    Is it possible to buy sterilising tablets such as Milton tablets for baby bottles etc., in Istanbul? Are they available in supermarkets and/or pharmacies, please? We live in Pendik.
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    Husbands rights, to my savings following marriage?

    Any advice, please? When I marry my Turkish boyfriend, what rights will he then have to any savings or property that are currently held in my name, either in Turkey or the UK? (My Mum has heard that under Turkish law, anything I own will automatically become his when we marry, and is worried...
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    I'm off to visit my boyfriend in Ankara soon - how does it compare to Istanbul? Any advice, things to see, things to do or things to avoid? Are European women welcome? Any advice welcome - thank you!
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    Residents visa questions

    I'm currently in Turkey on a visitors visa, staying with my Turkish boyfriend. Does anyone know if I could apply for, and get a residents visa, even if I don't actually own or rent a property in Turkey myself? (My boyfriend rents his apartment). Also, I know that I'm not allowed to work in...
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    Visitors visa question . . .

    My current visitors visa expires on 18 September, so I'm planning to return to the UK on 10 September. By then, I will have spent 85 days in Turkey. Can anyone tell me what's the soonest date I can then come back to Turkey on a new visitors visa, please? Ie; can I come back on 25th...
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    Religious marriages in Turkey

    Can anyone tell me more about a 'religious' marriage in Turkey, please? I've heard that if a couple are serious about each other, they can have a religious marriage, by meeting with the Imam, and making a commitment before God. Do all couples in Turkey have a religious marriage AND an...
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    Merhaba, everyone!

    Hi, I'm Julia, new to this site, and not very familiar with using a 'Forum' - you may have to be patient with me, as I find my way around! I'm maybe moving to the Aegean coast sometime next year, depending on how things go. In the meantime, I'm already finding lots of interesting info on this...
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