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  • Hiya, sorry to hear things are wet on Mona, hope it improves before our return at easter.
    Re the passport, if it states British Citizen then there is no probs, if it states Citizen of the Islands and Depndancies only then it would be best to check, a travel agent could tell you or the IOM Gov passport office, i have heard of Citizens of the I&D having refusals in the USA and the Dominican Republic, my missus used to work at the travel centre douglas
    Good luck Slane lhiat, Rob
    hi David

    Now I am afraid i am going to be a bit vague here - I didn't organise it (a friend did) but will give you the details I can remember! You take the road to Turgutreis from the Kipa junction and after passing through Islamhaneleri, about 2/3 the way to Turgutreis, is a turning, marked clearly, to the stables. This is the link, I think, http://www.countryranch.net/portal/english/horsesafari.htm This site has a clear map showing where it is. The site will have contact details. We went as a party of 8, all novices, and had a long hack in the countryside. It was with a guide and one other, plus dog, and at a nice leisurely pace, Can't remember how much it cost but it was a good way to see some of the countryside, and it lated about an hour. Great for beginners.
    hope that helps. I am sure the tour companies do this type of trip but it will be dearer than booking direct.

    Hi Sally
    We are going out to Yali for the frst week in April and we are hoping to go horse riding, could you tell me where you organsed it and was there a guide that went with you. we Have never been horse riding but would love to try it.

    Many thanks David
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