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    Info buying in dalaman

    Hi. Dalaman town centre is easy walking from Ege Mahallesi, never mind cycling! Check out Ege Mah Dalaman on Google maps. Dolmuş goes to Otogar and all destinations from there If looking for property, you might want to contact Dalaman Deli on this forum, who's part of an Estate Agency some of...
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    New style Passports.

    Nope, mine is definitely blue. İ think the seemingly black appearance is simply a remoaner refusal to accept reality ................
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    Question Newbie, advice please Akkaya Gardens Dalamana

    No dolmuş service to Akkaya in summer or winter unfortunately.
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    Info Mount Nemrut welcomes 30,000 visitors in month

    Went there in May 1988 while touring eastern Turkey and rose early to climb the mountain for the glorious sunrise. Couldn't see a b****y thing for fog. And my Lord it was cold. I had pyjamas on under everything else. Me and future Ms Spike far right. Still, was well worth the effort. And...
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    What Words and Expressions Annoy You?

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    Question Third Covid jab in Turkey?

    Well, the answer to the thread title is yes. We were informed by text that our third jab was due, made appointment this a.m. and were jabbed just after lunch. Choice of Sınovac or Biontech, took Biontech. Got it at the local health clinic, asked the family doctor which he would advise. Biontech...
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    Question Third Covid jab in Turkey?

    Thanks Camden. Enoch, sorry, don't understand the comment.
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    Question Third Covid jab in Turkey?

    Received our first two jabs mid Feb and March, having been informed via text from Health Ministry (saglıkbklng) to make appointments through enabiz (Government health data app). OK done and dusted. About 10 days ago I received the same message to make appointment, which I assumed was...
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    Does that mean the residents are still allowed out and about and not quarantined?
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    Covid-19 vaccine for Turkey

    Are you not registered wıth the Government "eNabız" (ePulse) whıch records all your medications, operations, appointments, all your medical data? After the Covid jab they then include a nlfty little electronic "Aşı Kartı" together with an English translation "Vaccination Card" with a record of...
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    2021 Holiday Plans

    One case Efes Malt (20 returnable bottles) 256 from local bakkal.
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    Vaccine Roll Out

    CoronaVac (Sinovac Biotech). As far as I know the only one being used at the moment although they may soon start producing domestıcally the Sputnik V vaccine and also one or more locally developed ones.
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    Vaccine Roll Out

    Yep. Me and the missus last week. Informed our turn had come by way of eNabız, made appointment online and got it next day. No crowds, no hassle. (At the "Saglık Ocağı" / health clinic).
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    Visa for Russia

    UK national living full time in Turkey. Off to F1 Sochi, booked hotel, booked flight, now working on visa (tourist). Seems I need invitation from Russian registered travel agency. Internet advice is a bit conflicting and I guess I can eventually manage, but if anyone has first hand advice...
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    Been using TVCatchup to watch some F1 GP on Channel 4, but today it redirects me to the site "". Anyone ever heard of this or know anything about it, e.g. is it safe to use?
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