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  • Yes we would have been here 3 weeks Monday, so far loving it. The house is a labour of love with so much to do, our field has been burned today, two local villagers are in charge of this for us. We live in Paskalevets which is under Veliko Tarnovo. Did your van driver have a green card? you can obtain one at the border, as you have to have one to get into Turkey. We had no problems with Phil he is back and forth quite often,so highly recommend him, he used to live in Turkey as well. Hope you can get it all sorted. Do you have your dogs ready with all the paper work that is needed? I will get Eric to email you later he is busy with a paint brush LOL
    Regards Annette
    hello, we emailed, them, unable to phone just answer machine, its been nightmare.
    you live in bg?
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