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    Happy Birthday

    Happy 42nd Birthday Mark :pressie:
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    Forum Reputation (Rep) Whats it all about?

    Gail my sheep have ticks does that count for anything or am I going to be baaarrrreeed
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    Forum Reputation (Rep) Whats it all about?

    check steves avatar for the bunny lol
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    Forum Reputation (Rep) Whats it all about?

    Andy, Where was my complaint? It was not a complaint what crossed my mind was that fact the someone joining yesterday and posted three times has a greater reputation than may others including yourself and I have been posting fairly frequently since Mushtaq started the forum. And seeing...
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    Forum Reputation (Rep) Whats it all about?

    Steve, Even you have very few for your contributions in fact we now look to be on equal par to a member who joined yesterday and has a total of three posts but the same rep or at least that’s how it looks to me? I guess it’s good if used properly and most people probably and not abused, I...
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    Forum Reputation (Rep) Whats it all about?

    cheers Martyn looking at yours I am in the conference league and you are in the permiership lol, at least the post has highlighted that it is there to be used Paul
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    Forum Reputation (Rep) Whats it all about?

    Does this reputation work as I am getting a complex as I have never got off the mark yet and still have the same reputation as someone who may join today or do people just not use this function anymore, I am sure there are lots of people here including myself who have given some good info but...
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    Recent Hello's

    People I met recently It was a pleasure to meet both Kym, her son and Jackie (Murdo) on my recent trip to Tinky, sorry Ade a week is very short but I am sure that we can meet a for a few beers next year, enjoyed an indian in Altinkum last night at 1.00am, drove to Bodrum for my flight at 6.30...
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    Internet Explorer Problem

    Just bought my daughter a new lap top and quite often when she is browsing the net, the browser keeps jumping back to previous pages without touching any key pads, anyone any ideas, I have tried downloaded a web browser other than IE and the problem seems to go away. Paul
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    My daughter is staying in Ovacik at the moment and has asked if anyone could suggest the best place to do some clothes shopping. Its her first time in the area and is having a good time and having been to marmaris with her mates this year, they prefer Ovacik to Marmaris but still prefer good old...
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    Non Turkey Related Self build

    I have just bought a plot of land here in Wales and looking to complete a self build, are there any members out there who may have done this in the past and could possibly pass on information that may be useful in this new venture of mine. Paul
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    Birthday boy Marc

    penblywdd hapus i chi Hope you had a great Birthday Paul :pressie:
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    Wow what a great result for Andy Murray Andy Murray pulled off the biggest win of his career, beating Roger Federer 7-5 6-4 in the Cincinnati Masters. Federer, who has been flawless on the American hardcourts for years, saw a run of 55-straight wins broken. And he also missed out on...
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    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday to Pheme who is 39 today and also, reyes09 (24), PembeKadin (20)
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    welcome Speedy

    Hi all, I hope its ok to rejoin, I have asked the boss but no reply so thought I would rejoin and take it from here. Paul
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