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  • Dear Liz, We sent Jess a bluey straight away with your message, so maybe she will receive it soon. So sorry to hear your news - I really don't get it. So unfair !! I hope you can enjoy your Christmas, inspite of the rotten way you have been treated. All the best for the New Year. P.S. On ITV next Monday at 9.00 p.m. there is to be a programme on Gary Barlow in Afghanistan, when he came out to give a concert. It will be very interesting for us to see the conditions out there. Regards Hilary xxx
    Dear Liz, thank you so much for your kind offer of a bit of a knees up for Jess !!! I have printed out your message and will send it to her (her email is not working apparantly so a bluey or letter will have to do) I am sure she will be pleased to meet you and enjoy a bit of dancing and fun. Many thanks again - keep safe and enjoy Christmas. Kindest regards Hilary and Bill x x x
    Dear Liz - this may be message three from me - my apoligies if that's the case but I'm never sure if I'm doing the right thing on this darn computer ! So, here goes again. Firstly my thanks for your good wishes about our daughter, Jess. It was so kind of you to send such a message and is very much appreciated. You will not be with your family either, so I wish you a safe time in Afghanistan (keep safe and in the shadows) By the way, it is very cold out there, so take plenty of warm vests !! All the very best. Hilary and Bill
    hi Liz is that your internet up and running now ..anyway it was very nice to meet you although a short stay ..if you get down again are welcome to stay overnight ..cheers John and helen..
    LOL!! I am dreading it I want to be in my forties for ever lol. When I was 40 I told the girls to say I was 39 that lasted for a while, sadly cannot pull that stroke now, oh well when the big 50 hits I can be 49 ........................ for a while lol.
    Liz since coming on your page I have just noticed we are the same age, hmm you are January and I am May so really close. Dreading next year lol, I am for sure. xxxxxxx
    Awww thanks Liz, that is TESS, sadly gone now but what a LADY!!! We loved her to bits, never saw my hubby so upset in all the years we were together.
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