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  • Hello Shirley,
    I hope you are doing fine :)

    Noticed you had spoken at turkishliving having some friends/contacts who could arrange deep sea fishing.

    We are three men with our families from Finland visiting Alanya during 16.10 - 23.10. on holidays :)

    We would like to try deep sea fishing (3 men) for a day. We would need a boat ride and fishing rod's for all and most of all friendly service. Would you please let me know who to contact for this?

    Thank you in advance so much for your help.

    BR; Joni

    hi Shirley, how are you? i've not been having a good time of it recently, unbelievably tired, everything has been a real struggle for me. had a ct scan last thursday and see the consultant on monday so i will post after that about what's happening etc. also will find out if i need another tranfusion, as this one doesn't seem to have worked as well as it should.
    it has been very quiet on the thread for a while hasn't it? i don't know if that's a good sign or not, hopefully it is. maybe if i start rabbiting on again some more may join in, lol!!
    just been reading about your new phone, i could have been reading about myself, so funny! are you all sorted with it now?
    anyway, will post during the week about any news, good or bad, good, hopefully*****!
    good luck with the phone, as it will probably take you about a month to do all your contacts manually. that's what happens when you're so popular lol!!
    take care Ann xxx :blowkiss:
    hello Shirley, i know you teach Turkish at your place, would it be possible to attend your classes? Thank you, Yana
    Hi Shirley
    Many thanks for your message and my apologies for not replying sooner. I do not have anything like your reason but many congratulations on your new status as a great greandmother!
    Yes I do live here full-time and no your and Charlotte's posts do not alarm me , I am just grateful for all your hard work to keep the rest of us reliably informed of what is really going on. I take a great interest in politics so what I read on TLF is enormously helpful.
    I phoned the Sunday Times who didn't seem very interested and then the Times and got a very different reaction so just possibly someone will take it seriously. Now that the USA and the UN have realised just how dangerous IS is, as a NATO member maybe they can make RTE toe the line and not go on quietly supporting IS but as he is such a slippery character to put it mildly I don't hold out much hope.
    Many thanks again and PLEASE keep posting, it really is appreciated.
    Hey Shirley how are you?

    I have 2 friends that are interested in your turkish lessons. Are you still doing that at your house?

    One us from England and the other is from Norway.

    Hopping to hear from you

    Best regards
    Hi Shirley,
    I have been lumbered with the role of complex inspector, which means I have to do a annual report, as with everything I want to do it right, and that means translating a copy of it into Turkish, what I have decided is to do,is as little actual writing as possible and rely on charts and graphs, to keep the translating down to a minimum, so other than a few explanatory notes here and there it would mostly be headers, so I wondered if for a fee, (don't be offended) you would do the translating for me, I could pay something into the dogs/cats home, send you a cheque or whatever you wanted.
    my email is. and please don't be afraid to say no if you don't want to do it, I would understand.
    regards , martin
    Thank you for your reply shirlyanntr.I guess I will have to ask her if she is getting pain relief and can afford it. She is on chemo at the moment with the devlet.
    Hi Shirleyanntr,
    Question for you... do poor people in Turkey get painkillers when they have cancer etc? sorry if it is a stupid question but I heard they didn't a long time ago and am none the wiser, Btw love your informative posts..much appreciated.

    Here’s wishing you a great Christmas and a fabulous New Year

    Happy posting!
    Jaycey, Valentyna & Mitzi [IMG]
    Hi Shirley. Somewhere at the back of my mind I recall that you are the person to speak to about car hire in the Alanya area. I spend varying amounts of time at my property in Kargicak and need to hire a car from time to time. It would be good to know where I could get reliable car hire at a fair price. The complication could be that on occasions I would need the car pickup at Antalya or Gazipasa and drop off locally and visa vera. Rental could be summer or winter. Regards Vince
    hi Shirley, I didn't get it, so it must be floating the net somewhere! i'm fine thanks, just a bit fidgety now, waiting to go on hols. only a couple of hours to go, everything packed and if I've forgotten anything, well, tough. how are you doing? I know you have a busy life, but will it get any quieter now that the season is coming to an end? and how's Yousef? have you been fishing lately? i'm switching the pc off now, going to try and have a sleep for an hour or so, so will talk when I get back. keep well Ann xxx
    Hi Shirley have often thought about you and how you were getting on with life.
    Over the last 2yrs i did have cancer but don't wish to portray it in the Forum i did write your email address down + your telephone number just in case something happened so the family could contact you about my apt at GoldCity not sure where i stand with Turkish wills ?

    Anyway my love i hope you have keeping keeping yourself healthy & well

    Andy xx
    Hi Shirley ...........RTE reminds me so much of the Thatcher days. He nor his party are perfect but the country is a lot better off for what they have done. The privatisations, the prison reforms etc have all been for the good. I still think women get a raw deal in Turkey as in all muslim countries. But in truth is there a viable alternative ? The CHP,please don't make me laugh!!!
    Hope you are well and lovely to hear from you again
    Many thanks
    just spent ages sending you a reply, then got told it was too long! so bugger that, not re-writing it, but will try the carrots and tomatoes for some extra vigour!!!!!! with some added vodka! arrian xx
    Hi Shirley
    Nice crowd and an excellent idea but Valentyna wants to improve her English before starting anything else, so I'm going to be busy as well!
    Anyway, nice meeting up with you again - keep up the good work.
    Ciao4now Jaycey
    Hello Shirley,
    I just wanted to ask you a quick question. I didn't want to post on the main forum as itmay open a can of worms. Have you heard about all the Belediye in the Bodrum peninsular being closed down and all decisions moving to Bodrum. I heard yesterday that Gumusluk Belediye will not exist at the end of the year, but I cannot find out anything online as to why. I know you are pro CHP and wondered if you had heard anything about local govt being centralised to cut out opposition to the AKP possibly. One person I know who is pro AKP said it may be to cut out all the fraud in councils. Just wondered what your take on it was or if you had heard anything. It's a real shame as the mayor of Gum did some great things in the last 6 years.
    Hi Shirley

    Happy New Year...
    I am caming back to ALanya on 11 March and i really hoppe that we can meet and catch up.

    Best regards

    Oops sorry, wrong Shirley!
    Nite nite (or should I say 'Good morning' - it's 2.30 am!
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