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  • Hi Shaun, I',m not sure if I am doing this right... but I can't find the previous message that I tried to send you! I met you and your family last summer at the Terrace restaurant... I also have a villa in Golden Oak.. Lisa from California?! Hopefully, you get this message!
    Hi Lisa

    Good to catch up again :)

    Fees - yes these rose back up to 120 TL from 100TL last summer.

    We've been out for a couple of weeks already this year .... Sharron and the boys will be out at the villa again 6th August for 3 week and I'll fly out to join them from the 13th.

    We saw Alex a few times in April as our eldest was revising for his GCSE exams (which he finished last week) and we left him camped out in The Terrace and a tab while we went exploring in the cooler / quieter weather.

    Forums - I primarily monitor the Yalikavak forum as this appear more active and informative but I'll also pop into the Gumusluk and Turgetreis one's.

    Hope you are well
    Hi Shaun! I met you (and your family) last summer at The Terrace... I also have a place at Golden Oak (Lisa from California). Hope all is well with you! I was wondering if you have any tips on which forums I should join? Are there any for Golden Oak? I was just told that my site fees increased to 120TL, and I never know what to believe... is it true? Will you all be traveling to Turkey this summer? All the best, Lisa
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