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  • Hi Shirley, how are you getting on? My friend Lynn said she had a great time and wanted me to thank you! Im coming over on Monday, so you want me to bring anything over?


    Hi ya shirley,just noticed u said thx to val can you pls give me any details what is going on over at your pub pls, i.e xmas eve and xmas day thx see you then if i fine it.LOL.x:49:
    Hi shirley, we didnt manage to find an apartment in the end but now we might need a bigger one and my partner said when he spoke to your husband he mentioned you have bigger apartments to rent. could you please let me know if you have anything.
    My boyfriend is going to try and ring again thanks x
    hi shirleyann,

    do you have apartment to rent in this area or is it your home out there can you inbox me with details please.

    thanks Dean
    hı sorry for the delay lost your message someware ın computor ıt ıs along way to antalya from where you lıve but ıf you come to vısıt ı wıll show you round hope to meet you soon
    Hi shirleyann, is it nice in alanya do you live there permanantly or just a holiday home? how far is it away from altinkum where my house is had lots of good reports about the area
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