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  • hi steve sorry you don't know me but i need some help and wondered if you could advise re some property issues that i have? i am assuming by your name you are a fellow scot, i am pretty much alone here and don't really have the money for a lawyer. when i say alone apart from my turkish husband. i would really appreciate some help. thanks. jakos
    i had lots of trouble selling my property in turkey to buy sth back in UK, had enough with turkish ea as they prefer to sell new homes with 15% commission , so i designed the first english property portal of turkey(like rightmove) but FREE. I get adverts to pay for hosting etc. so please register for free and sell your property at , and if you sell your house through my website dont forget to buy me a beer(or beers)
    Hi Steve

    Seen good comments re Crescent Homes – you have some good friends :)

    Carol tells me that she in convalescing in UK and suggests that I try to track you down. We’re moving from Marmaris to Alanya and will be there at the Duggan Apartments from October 2nd looking at sale/ rental properties.

    Love to meet up sometime

    0541 386 9227
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