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    Cost of LED pool lights

    Hi has anyone an idea what the cost of LED pool lights are. Also roughly how much it would be to have them fitted. Thanks Sarahlou
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    ARM CONSTRUCTION LTD- have you been affected?

    Hi all, I am looking for people who have paid money to this company for property for which they never received a tapu, money was borrowed on the property and you have since lost the property or if you were one of those who in an effort to salvage something from this fiasco paid over another...
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    Turkish Classes Belfast - Jan 2012

    For anyone interested Belfast metropolitan College are advertising Turkish lessons (Step 2) beginning around Thursday 23rd january 2012 7-9pm. It will be in their new campus at the Titanic Quarter. Enrolling is taking place now. All details are on their website.
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    Maintenance fees for unsold properties

    Can anyone tell me what the legal position is in relation to unsold properties on a complex and the payment of maintenance fees. The unsold properties are owned by the landowner who is actually running the complex for us and with whom we are very happy. What I want to know is if he is legally...
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    Income levy in Ireland - Exemption

    just a piece of information for anyone who lives in Northern Ireland but work in Southern Ireland. as an employee of a company in the republic. If you are the holder of a UK medical card then you are not liable for the income levy which was introduced last year. This is an extract from the...
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    Turkish Classes Belfast - Sept 2010

    Step 1 Turkish classes (beginners)are being advertised on Belfast Metropolitan College Website for September 2010. Thurs 20 Sept 2010 to 22 Jan 11 - Thursday evening 7-9pm Brunswick Street, 2 hours per week. Course Code C0037 A07E Full fee £73, Reduced fee £48 Saturday morning 13th Sept to...
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    transfer Bodrum airport-Altin 31 March

    Hi, is anyone flying from London Stanstead on 31st March with Pegasus airlines who would be prepared to share a transfer to Altinkum. There are two of us but we have been told we have to have a private transfer for this flight. We have a stopover in Istanbul and arrive Bodrum at 20.30...
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    Beginners Turkish class in Belfast - Saturday AM

    Hi everyone, There is a beginner's Turkish class in Belfast Metropolitan College on Saturday morning. Conversational Turkish to help you get by no dwelling on grammar etc. It started yesterday Saturday 30th Jan 10 -12. Unfortunately there were only 6 students and for the class to run they...
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    Advice needed

    Hi Celtic, Tavey here again. I have received a copy letter from my builder which I would like you to have a look at and give me your views on whether it would be regarded as a legal document if used in a court case. However as this letter gives my builders name etc I do not want to post it...
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    Water and electric first time connection

    We do not have our Tapus yet but would hope to get the habitation cert and tapu in September when we are over. Can anyone advise me if it is possible to have the electric for my apartment connected into my name when I am in altinkum in September. Someone has told us that if one person signs to...
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    message for Carolk

    Hi Carolk Got your pm and replied but think I am not on this forum long enough to reply. If that is the case thank you and yes I have been on the site you mentioned (everyday) and have signed the petitions As I am considering the pros and cons of a court case (could this be more good money...
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    New to Forum

    Hi just joined the forum but have been looking at it for a while. Have been holidaying in Turkey for about 15 years. Bought an apartment in Altinkum3 years ago and love it. Tavey
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