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  • Hi Tracy, the classes are only 5TL. Have a good brisk walk to the park to warm up your muscles before taking the class. Bring a bottle of water with you. Classes start at 9.00am during the summer.
    I stopped for a while due to a knee problem. Hope you enjoy!
    hi sammi just wondering about the exercise class u mentioned in turk is sabinic park were the playground is and do u know what price they charge
    Hi Samimi,
    Yes I am from Clonmel in Co.Tipp. I am not actually in Turkey yet, but am heading over this Sunday 15th. I have bought a De'Longhi Ceramic heater and am taking that over with me. According to "Which" magazine it is a "Best Buy" and is very economical. Time will tell I suppose. I also have 2 oiled fired heaters and 2 aircons in the apartment. LOl.
    I am running away from the grey skies and doom and gloom here in Ireland, and guess what?........ The forecast for Didim on Monday night is for thunderstorms and a drop of temperature to 1 degree, with a real-feel of minus 7. Could you credit that? I am going to look into some types of insulation for next winter.
    I wasn't due to go over until March 11th, but I could not wait that long. So I am coming back to Ireland on Feb. 23rd and then going back out March 11th instead.
    If the ferries start up again from Didim, I would certainly love to meet up in Turgutreis. How long will you there for?
    take care,
    Hi Samimi, Thank you for friends request, as you can see I am really new to the forum, but am really eager to join an art group. I finished my art degree before moving to Turkey 2 year ago and haven't found any like minded people since I have been here. But never thought of looking on the Turkish living forum until someone on Facebook suggested it. So thanks to them I am hoping that I will get a reply from the group that said they had started up in Turgutreis. Kind Regards Jean
    Hi everyone, Oct 31, all is well here and we will be going home for Christmas, we will return at the beginning of February to Turkey. i will update the £500 thread when I go home as I am in a restaurant in the marina now and my battery is due to run out soon.
    Hi, all is going well thanks, 3 cycles down and 3 to go. I am OK a bit tired as running round, looking after dogs etc but not too bad. I agree the weather has been very hot and I am hoping that it cools down soon! yes we should meet up wheh the weather allows!
    Hi Noreen

    just thought I would let you know that Marks chemo will start tomorrow (Friday) the Doctor is very hopeful that they can put him into complete remission however it is the type of cancer that will recur but he said that they can just keep treating it so not to worry too much. he will have 6 cycles of chemo 3 weeks apart and then they will do some tests to check if the tumors are shrinking, if they are then they will just monitor him as this is a very slow growing cancer and they do not always need to treat it aggressively.

    I feel better now having heard this and so we have agreed that I will stay here and keep things going so that Mark has got something to come back to, I have booked to go back for a week in October and then again for Xmas and New Year.

    hope you two are OK and hopefully I will see you around town soon

    Dee xx
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