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  • Hi Sally, thanks for replying to my request. Have you had any luck with info from the Raga?
    Hi! Sorry answering so late. I can do u a reading and Reiki healing too :) You live in Side? Next time i come i will write you :)
    Hi! I know this might come littlebit too late, but i just read yoyr post about reiki healer in Side. Do you still remenber how to contact her? Im finnish woman who comes in Side few times a year, and i do reiki and tarot allso. Would be nice to meet this woman :)
    Hi Sally-Ann
    I'd be grateful if you could let me have the belgian guy's details. Does he do various jobs? or is he mainly a roofer, only we are also looking to have a new kitchen and some other building work.
    What do you think he is like for his prices ??

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