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    GAA shock of the year

    As a Galwayman living in cork i just have to let everyone know how proud I am of the Galway hurling team today in taking Kilkenny to the cleaners :yipee: ....and with the final day of the Volvo Around the World Race week today, its only going to be the party of all parties!!! The Championship...
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    Ryan Giggs ...British?

    Just as a follow on from is he or isn't he British about Andy Murray and whether he is patriotic or pulling sickies from the Davis Cup team. Very little on Ryan Giggs being picked as one of the overage players for the Great Britain team. Now this is a man who pulled out of numerous Welsh...
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    Back to normality...?

    Where do I put this/ where do I start? what do I say? I haven't really been on here for a long long time apart from the very odd minute or two here and there. The main reason is we as a family have been dealing with a serious illness within our family. Our sixteen year daughter was diagnosed...
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    New Explosion in Japan

    Sweet God. watching Sky News, explosion at a nuclear power station in Japan......even the the Japanese are struggling with the aftermath......
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    Barca v Arsenal

    After this match, someone will have to freeze the refs bank accounts and take his mobile phone for analysis. Crazy crazy decisions and all in favour of Barca. And watching all the replays barcalona can't serious think of winning any fair play awards themselves. Had to get it off my chest, my...
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    Congrats to Spurs...

    Brilliant performance by Spurs tonight,graet goal by Couch and that Gattuso should retire.. and retire in disgrace before he is banned for life, as he should be after what he did tonight!................
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    Aer Lingus Discounts

    For all us Irish out there, Aer Lingus are offering 20 pc off all bookings to Europe, including Izmir direct from Dublin......well worth a look but you must book before 24th Jan....:loony::splat:
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    Earthquake Kusadasi

    A friend has just informed me biggest earthquake this year in Kusadasi....Hope everyone is alright. My friend seems a bit worried by it all. Alison...Hope you're ok.....
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    Degree Required?

    Wow, I'm actually starting a thread, and I'm sure this was touched on somewhere before. Is it really neccessary to have a degree to work in Turkey? The reason I ask is that I have an oppurtunity to do one through work and my eventual goal is to retire to Turkey and maybe do something part time...
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    World T20 Cricket.

    Watching Ireland give England a run for their money at the moment. 37-3 after 7.5 overs.This new format in cricket can only be good for the game in associate countries.:321oi:
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    Trap for Turkey?

    Just read on the RTE Teletext that the Turkish F.A. have approached Trappatoni with an offer of managing the national team.Hands off I say!!
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    Xmas comes early for some.

    A early Xmas present..Liverpool out of Champions League...into Europa League. Also looks like no Champs League next year. Is this the end? Torres won't stay without proper European football, Babel want out in January and will Benitez last beyond Christmas...I don't think so.
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    New User

    Just a query for the Mods; A new user joined today without introducing him/herself with no threads or posts....and the name he/she calls him/herself......turkey hater.Surely this is against the forum rules and the question should be asked why the name or just get rid.
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    Benitez in trouble!

    I'm amazed no one has been on to see what is happening at Liverpool. Losing at home 3 - 1 is not what potential champions are made of. Bookies have stopped taking bets on Benitez to be first manager to go in Premiership this season. Any thoughts on who will be first to go?
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    Weekend weather in Aegean

    Just started my Leave, (holidays) for a month and watching Irish News.It says rain and thunderstorms in the Aegean for the weekend.Going out Monday for 3 weeks. Please keep me updated over the next few days. (on my second bottle of wine so for now I don't care but when i sober up i need to know...
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