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    On a positive note

    Welcome back Tess ,KKOB and Saoirse :kiss: and hurry back Ceemac, Bob the biker and the others who havent posted for a little while. :hug:
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    Easyjet discount code

    Enter easyash for £10 off your flight.:nod:
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    Prescriptions and winter fuel allow

    Following on from the bus pass article,just in case under 60s are unaware the free prescription and winter fuel allowance will be raised to the age of 65 in line with the rise in pension age for women ,ie someone of 56 will now be 63 before getting their bus pass ,free prescription and winter...
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    Labour three get legal aid.

    :17: The three thieving gets that are in dock over stealing over the expense scandal have been granted legal aid at our expense. How can it be that these wealthy bas%tards possibly be granted it is bryond my comprehension,it is expected that it could cost the taxpayer up to £3 million if...
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    Scoucers praise their hero Sir Alex

    25: His 5.2 shot What a Friend won the 3.10 at Aintree to the delight of the packed Liverpool crowd. You didnt think i meant football did you. :95im:
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    Please Reconsider

    This is my plea to three of the best mods of any forum Martyn,Ian and Alan,please come back you guys have been superb. I wont get into the rights or wrongs as this has been done,but this forum will not be the same without you. :crying:
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    Pete Doherty Bailed (again)

    Pete Doherty, has been bailed after being charged with suppling a controlled to Robin Whitehead ,who died of a drug overdose. This is his 20 something drug charge of which this no talented parasite has been charged with,how the hell has he spent only a few days locked up in total,and now...
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    Fulham FC

    What a result 4-1 against Juventus,well done Roy Hodgson and his lads,down 3-1 from the first leg ,lost a goal in less than two minutes to go down on agg,then score 4 against Juve to go through 5-4 on aggregate.Result of the season. :clap::clap::clap:
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    Ex-Pats Pensions

    The UK government has won its case in the european courts not to increase the yearly cost of living in pensions for ex-pats living outside the EU.So if you can no longer afford to live abroad ,return to the UK ,get your full pension(which you have paid all your life for)claim benefits that you...
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    Miss England

    It has been announced that there will be no swimsuit round in the Miss England contest,:boohoo: it will be replaced by a sportsround. Guess a loss of a couple of million men viewers .:roundgrin
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    TLF inspiration of the Month

    What a woman,you have given hope to people who find theirselves in similar situations to you with your never say die attitude,courageous and determined. Well done Tess. :25::438qr:
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    New Years Message

    May the fleas of a thousand camels infest the arse of anyone who messes up your year and may their arms be to short to scratch it ! HAPPY NEW YEAR :blowkiss:
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    Luggage Scales

    TJ Hughes are selling luggage scales that weigh up to 50 kilos of luggage for £4.95.:high5:
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    Cagkent Sitesi broke

    :frown: I have just been informed by permanent residents ,that the securiy is now non existent as the security guy has not been paid for a while and not surprisingly has left. The sitesi electric has been cut off due to non payment.Debts are over 2000 sterling. All baskans are off the...
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    Shamrock Bar

    The Shamrock has changed hands once again .İt is now owned by Glen and Maggie ,who most regular Çalıs holıday makers know.İ popped in last night for one or two and am glad to report it is vastly improved from the last owners. Once again a good welcome atmostphere and good draught beer. :)
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