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    sorry it's late

    Very best of wishes i hope your day has been special

    Hi guys,
    I'm a bit concerned after your "emergency" voice mail message. What has happened? Are you both okay? Please PM or email me to let me know.

    Helen x
    I was looking for some more inforamtion on your apartment. Which dates will it be available, what is the cost per month based on 6 months rental? Does the apartment have a phone line available / internet connection would be required for work commitments from the uk.
    Could you also please send me some pics.....
    Kind Regards
    Hi Richard and Kim, how are you both ? We nearly had a house for next year !!! but both changed their mind at the last min, one with in half an hour of signing contract, so we have registered with Kinhgemlak now they are pretty profesional, so just waiting, we may just have to come back next year in May and look again, we have nice people staying next door we have been very lucky, love Joan and Norm x
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