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    Thanks for that, i've had the most horrendous night with it all. I've requested my account be deleted now, as I feel any post I put up in future will be savaged.

    I can see the objection point, but was any of it really necessary?

    It makes me feel a bit better that someone has actually said something nice, because I almost felt like deleting my whole blog this morning because of all the prying eyes picking me apart. My daughter dissuaded from doing so.

    I also think there is probably a certain amount of jealousy about it all too, ok I might now be low on funds but we've had a fantastic time and anyone can do what we've done but most choose not to. They would rather stay in their little clicque's on here and in Turkey and bad mouth other people for doing/trying to do something.

    In future I shall choose to be a non-member and not post, it's probably safer!

    Thanks again, that means a lot. Marje
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