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  • Hi, are you back from Turkey yet? I did see where the Rose hotel is when we were on our way down to Olu Deniz!! Pity you couldn't make it to the breakfast in Dalyan, it was very good - breakfast wasn't as good at the one in Serafler but everything else was as good. Just notice on facebook that your surname was Emery - what a coincidence, so was mine!!!
    your vet should do all the papersork for you and they must have a good health record thing about 2 weeks before they fly, apparnetly they fly thomas cook in the hold and that must be better than where we have to squash, they cannot and wont give them a snoozy tablet as its bad for there breathing when they are on a presurised plane
    if you do a search on google something like moving pets abroad it somes up with some websites its about 2 and a half grand for my big ones, and the company is run by vets and do a door to doo9r service, however we have decided to takes our by car overland, if you cant find it get back to me I had to wipe my puter and lost a lot of my links i found
    hi rainey,i have just read your message about your dogs.we might be moving over to marmaris in the near future and have 2 dogs,so if you get any info on taking your dogs over please could you 4ward it to us,we know that its quite expensive to take them over,ie jabs ,paperwork etc.not sure how you go about it though,so any info would be most appreciated,thanks,cindy
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