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    help needed please

    Hi I just need some help please I am flying tk via instanbul from manchester with my friends I am a bit nervous on what to do when we arrive at ataturk we arrive 21.55 and our connecting flight leaves at 2340 do we come out of international through passport control and then make way over to...
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    help needed re whats open in march please

    Hi everyone Looking to go istanbul for few days in march then maybe a week in yalikavak . Please could anyone give me idea on weather and who is open. Because of visa rule ican either go 4th march or 24th march . Thank you in advance for advice best regards Raine
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    help needed re mobile phone please

    Hi I have just bought a simple alcatel basic phone with no sim card would I be able to buy a turkish sim card and put this in it I got it from the ee store . thank you in advance I come to yalikavak tomoz so would appreciate replies today if possible thank you raine
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    help needed and advice please

    please could anyone tell me when we fly down from istanbul to bodrum do we come out of the domestic terminal or will they bus us over to the international terminal as they did when we did this route a few years ago.We have not got a through flight as we are spending 3 nights in istanbul when we...
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    istanbul duty free

    hi please could you give advice on duty free .We travel turkish airlines manchester to istanbul then stay there 3 days and then we do istanbul bodrum internal flight when we buy duty free in manchester they seal the bag will we still be able to carry through to bodrum if we do nor break seal or...
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    Turkish holiday visa?

    please does anyone know if you dont do your visa online now if you turn up at airport can you still get one there .If there is any info on this please point us in the right direction .I have looked on official site but it says nothing thank you raine
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    help please re istanbul

    Hi all please could you help me I am looking to spend a 3 days in istanbul next july maybe travel on 26th july and then we will come to yalikavak after woods I have looked at flights and that is no problem. How hot is it in istanbul at this time would it be too much to do alittle sightseeing...
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    thank you

    just back on tuesday after having 2 brilliant weeks of relaxing eating drinking and lots of laughter what a tonic just like to say a few thankyou from raine barb and julie 3 brill nights in sofis i would recomend the lamb with peaches and apple,and the salmon with mustard and olives and really...
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    no more sleeps

    me barb and julie arrive this evening hi to all i am sure we will catch up with everyone whos there over a glas or two of kirimizi sharap cant wait to get there to cool down it to hot in stockport ha ha regards to all raine barb and julie xxx:Flower:
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    thank you

    thank you to everyone for posting photographs of work what is going on in yalikavak it means it is not a shock when we get over there for warned it keeps me going untill we get back.Heres a challenge who is working were is it musical staff as usual is all same at dedes at three brothers at...
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    holiday friends

    who will be about in yalikavak from 27th may till 10 june i know about 6 people who will be there but thats not enough from real big get together will the leeds 4 be there and the dublin girls need to get out of this bloody rain it awful cant wait dont go hiding just cause you know i be coming...
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    magi beach

    hi to all friends in yalikavak i wonder if anyone could go and take some photos and post on forum please i believe there is a lot of renovations going on there and i would be interested to see as we have place near there thank to all photographers regards to all raine x
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    good value

    we went to mumcular to buy kilin when we got there we went into a little restaurant and ordered 2 cay 1 coffee and a soft drink we asked the young girl for the bill and tried to pay here but she said no charge and we thought we had misunderstood but then she waived her hands and said no money we...
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    lovely holiday

    i have just got back to cold stockport but with a nice glow after having a really god hol i would like to thank mary and micheal for two fab days out specialy the one to yali and mumlicar where mary and i desighed our own kilins it took all afternoon we pick them up next year the man served tea...
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    happy thoughts day please

    lets have a happy day if something made you smile today let us know big or small no negatives please x my happy thing today was my first cup of tea of the day and looking at all the flowers in the garden and the dawn bird song love to all raine x
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