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  • Hi Rafiki,

    I've seen on forum that you are very helpful and I maybe you could help me also.

    From what I read you have UK business and you were living in Turkey. I will be in similar situation. I have limited company and I work as a contractor in London but in July I will start to work remotely and I want to move to Izmir to my fionce.

    I know I have to get Ikamet etc but I have problem how to organize legal part of my work... can I keep my limited company in UK even if I will not be resident there? Do I have to pay tax in Turkey for my UK income? Did you ever have problems with transferring money from UK to Turkey and asked by Turkish Officials to explain where it comes from and pay taxes for it?

    How did you solve this issues?
    thanks. yes hes had loads of really deep growths cut out now the worst was above his ear but its healed ok and the biopsy is ok too he had special light treatment on face and neck so hes been lucky just waiting for a judicial review in the high court now its been a nightmare for almost 8 years but we see a bit of light now. i hope u are well too ..tell u what if i had the lolly i would have bought your place its lovely xx
    just noticed its your birthday...i hope its been a nice one
    and you sell your house soon and all goes well for you.
    My son is still having a lot of treatment for skin cancer...basal cell non invasive.but really very extensive..and not pleasant all..
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