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    Maiden ferry to Kos

    Just uploaded the Voices website re the launch of the ferry from Altinkum to Kos which occurred at 9.30am today.
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    Ferry service starts

    Hi Just posted uploaded news on the new ferry service from Altinkum to Kos. Starts next Wednesday July 16. More details from the link below Voices Newspaper
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    Voices Newspaper: The Next Step

    Hi to all our readers on the Turkishliving forum We would like to thank readers for their continued support in the Voices newspaper - it would not be what it is today without all your input. Voices is a community newspaper and will seek to stay that way. In seeking to move the newspaper...
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    Didim/Bodrum 'Property Con' - Voices

    'Property Con' Eighty families 'duped' in a £10 million property con. Here is the latest news. If you are one of the families affected then send an email to Voices.
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    Cash row Brit killed

    Full Article from Voices Newspaper “Murdered by gay lover” – claims AN EXPAT antiques dealer found dead in his villa is alleged to have partied with his suspected killer moments before being murdered for £800. Archibald Murray is said to have been battered about the head before being left for...
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    Ministers set to 'dig' Didim Marina

    Full Article form Voices Newspaper A TANTALISING view of the Aegean’s newest $50 million marina which is set to dominate the Didim coastline has been unveiled for the first time. As the exciting plans for the 287,000 m2 marina were released, it was announced that three Government ministers...
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    Meteorite lands in Didim

    Full Story from Voices Newspaper EXCLUSIVE POLICE were inundated with calls from scores of people from Didim to Bodrum after they heard a big bang and a flash of light across the skies. Despite officers being unable to explain the flashing green, yellow and red lights, Voices has solved the...
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    Legendary British Boxer in Didim

    Legendary British Boxer attended the charity night “Contributions poured in at the fabulous night” Full Article from Voices Newspaper A group of British residents in Didim organised a charity night to benefit Didim State Hospital. The legendary boxer of the 70’s, World Welter Weight Boxing...
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    Title Deeds in a day proposed

    Voices NEWSPAPER/ Friday, December 15, 2006 HUNDREDS of British and foreign residents looking to buy property in the Didim region could be set to see a critical element of the selling process radically fast-tracked, Voices has learned. The Government is planning to radically tighten up on...
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    Places open during the Christmas and New Year period

    Voices Newspaper has this week collated an exhaustive list of bars and restaurants that will be open over the Christmas, New Year and winter periods, with contact numbers as well. We hope that you find the list informative and helpful in making your festive period one to remember. You can find...
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    Cops nab suspected mugger

    British robbery victims ID same man A MUGGER’s reign of terror on Altinkum’s streets against British women is believed to have been ended after a suspect was dramatically arrested. Police are now quizzing the man, aged 22, about five attacks in 30 days on British victims following his arrest...
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    ‘Angel’ saves man’s life

    Voices Newspaper reports A BRITISH woman used lifesaving skills learned from watching TV hospital dramas to prevent a man dying after he suffered a suspected heart attack in Didim. Mr Phillip Smith, 54, from Gould, in Yorkshire, was being driven to a chemist by Seahorse Residence estate...
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    Update of Mayor's Meeting

    Mayor faces the flak BRITISH residents today issued a loud “could do better” after they were left less than impressed with an annual meeting with Didim’s mayor. The meeting, called to discuss a wide range of issues from streets dogs to concerns of over-development, left more questions than...
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    Marina Plans Set Sail – Honest!

    A NEW era beckons today for Didim with the final transfer of coastal land and sea areas for the 50 MILLION USD construction of a marina for 555 yachts – and the end of a decade’s long bureaucratic nightmare. We are very happy to give this news. At last it is starting:) If anybody wishes to...
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    One Biritish Girl Dead, 8 Injured as Fire Show Ends in Disaster

    A six-year-old English girl died and eight others were seriously injured when a bottle filled with ethyl alcohol exploded and engulfed them in flames during a show at the Gemini Park, near Didim State Hospital. Eden Francesca Galvani was sat with other children in the front row watching a...
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