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  • Hi Glynn.

    Can you give me the procedure details again for taking my solicitor off power of attorney.
    I am going to do this on Tuesday.
    If you are about can you come with me to do this at Noter 2.
    I will sort you out for a few drinks after.


    We will be arriving in Didim in a few weeks time and we would like someone with a car that can just take us to diifernt places to sort out paperwork on our first day so we can have a holiday for the rest of the time.

    What we need to do is get water metre connected, renew Dask (I need to check date), get electric changed from business to domestic rates - and get it reconnected as I am sure it has been cut off and pay Council rates.

    If you are offering a car service, could you please let me know the cost as I think the about will take a few hours? I will pay extra for your time say £100 as this will save us a lot of hassle.

    I will give you more details if all OK.

    Thanks for your help


    2 bed off Ege Cadasi. Part furnished tell Steve to phone Theressa (Teri )for details.

    1 bed ground floor fully furnished. On main Dolmus route.
    Chris and Maggie live upstairs in the duplex.
    Phone fitted with internet and Satellite TV.
    05386110797 for more details.
    Tell them Debbie from Golden Beach Complex and now Stoke gave you the details.
    Hi puwer98 I have friends living in Turkey who are interested in obtaining residency permits. Do you still offer this service?


    A friend of mine has suggested he wants a residency permit,but with someone to take him there to help him with the permit.
    Are you free to help him early next week.He has a car so will drive you to Aydin and back.
    Can you please let me know as soon as possible so l can reassure him of you helping him.
    l have his telephone number.Please pm me and l will give you the number
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