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    4 Bedroom 230 m2 apartment for sale

    Hi All, I agents are not allowed to post commercial listings here and obviously I own one. However the property I am listing is far from being commercial as this is my own apartment and I am listing as a member here. I have lived in this apartment for about 2.5 years and its time for us for...
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    Long term villa rental required

    Hello everybody, I am looking for a villa to rent long term for personal use. Swimming pool is NOT required however I will need a seperate garden, not far from Didim city center. Please pm me if you are interested in letting your property for long term. Regards, Bulent Bektas
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    Road to temple has been closed down.

    Gotta find new ways :) Road around Didim's temple of Apollo closed to traffic - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review
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    New Altinkum Map

    Hello everybody. I have drawn an Altinkum map for my business, but it might be usefull to you as well.
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    Search Engine Optmization

    Interestingly no one has posted here before, Anyways, i just wanted point out some tips about google indexing system. When you submit a website to google, it crawls to your website and consider some criterias befora ranking it; 1 - Meta tags (keywords, description) 2 - Content : checks for...
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    Suspension on foreign sales

    Interestingly no one has written anything about this topic. Real estate sales to foreigns are supended as of today in Didim. Tomorrow we will have a clear answer from Title deeds office. If they say suspension will continue untill a new law passes, that means we will wait around 2 months for...
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