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    First proper holiday in 7 years!

    Can't wait, next week we are going on our first real holiday for 7 years. When I say that, I mean that since selling the villa, it means we don't feel we have to go there, clean, sort the bills, do the shopping/gardening etc etc etc. Instead, we have booked 2 weeks at a 5 star, adult only Spa...
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    Pile of black and white fur

    I wanted to share the story of Zak, because it has a nice outcome; We lost our dear old mongrel about 8 months ago (she was at least 17) and our other dog, a collie called Bailey, really needed some 4 legged company to tear round with. We have never gone out to aquire a pet - they have always...
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    Bodrum Garden Homes - Gale & Martin

    Having recently read through the threads relating the appauling rip-off experiences a growing number of our members have suffered, I got to wondering what happend to Gale and Martin who used to have Bodrum Garden Homes agents. They were fantastic throughout our property purchases and we even saw...
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    Holiday destinations

    We want to go on holiday in April, just for a bit of sun and relaxation - any ideas other than Turkey?' I would specifically like to swim in the sea because I am recovering from having a broken disc removed from my back and the constultant reccommends swimming - I don't fancy swimming pools much...
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    sold! money in the bank!

    We made it - we've finally completed on the sale of our lovely villa and the money is back in our bank in UK. Done. Thanks to Clover Villa Management (Yalikavak) who never gave up in the last difficult 2 years of selling, they were so pro-active and positive every step of the way. Couldn't have...
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    Public holiday today?

    A quickie - can anyone tell me if it is a public holiday today in Turkey (Bodrum) - its the 30th August. Thanks
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    Sean Bean - ladies beware!

    Just checked the TV guide to discover that Sean Bean is about to appear in a TV drama DRESSED AS A WOMAN! So let this thread be a warning to any like-minded ladies out there; our fantisies are about to be shredded. The Dearly Beloved thinks this is a great joke and has threatened to record said...
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    Other peoples kids - bah humbug!

    I have had to come indoors again, because I cannot, just cannot stand the racket being generated by 2 small children next door. We live in a short road, a good 500 yards from the main road. We all have at least half acre gardens, well screened and about 70% of us are retired. So its quiet -...
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    petrol strimmer nightmare!

    I am cooling off after over an hour of trying to work a petrol strimmer. Let me start to by stating that petrol strimmers were built for people over 6 feet tall - I am 5' 2 (on a good day) and the thing is too long - I end up ploughing not strimming. That would be if and when I got it started in...
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    We thought about France...

    We thought about buying a small place in France recently, we live on the south coast of GB so it would be an easy journey with the dogs too. So the first thing we did was join a forum coz thats what you do when you want up to date info on what its really like to own a foreign property from...
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    tapu hold ups - any news?

    I know there was a couple of threads about this recently but can't find them, so applogies for repetition of question. Is there any news on the tapu and MC hold up? Its taken 2 years for us to find a buyer and now everything has come to a full stop until this is system is up and running again...
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    Think we've finally sold

    I hope I'm not tempting fate by writing this, but it really does look like we have finally sold our Yalikavak villa (deposit paid etc) and, not surprisingly, its all thanks to Clover again. They have been the most active with viewings over the sale period and have kept us constantly up to date...
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    In very simple language, can someone explain what this is please. We have been asked for another £400 to remove the hypothec we apparently had on an apartment we sold nearly 5 years ago.
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    We're generating electricity!

    We're quite excited by the fact that, as I write, we are generating about 2200 kilowatts of electricity due to the installation of our new solar system. This is on south coast GB on a blustery day, so not constantly sunny by any means. It would work so well in Turkey that I wonder if anyone...
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    other holiday homes

    Does anyone out there have another holiday home as well as one in Turkey, and if so, how to the countries compare?
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