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    excellent new gym in turgutreis

    a really good new gym has opened in turgutreis called Gold Gym . its 200 meters from the Total petrol station opposite the gumusluk junction with the main road . its spacious and clean with good equipment , saunas , nice showers . the owner speaks english .i have used the gym a few times and...
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    bodrum airport transfer to gumusluk

    i'm looking for a cheaper quote than £40 for next sunday night . does anyone have any ideas or contacts that might do it cheaper ? thanks
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    buying mobile phone in turkey

    how easy is it for a visitor to buy a turkish mobile phone and to be able to put credit on it ? it'll be the bodrum area . where could we do this ? thanks , paul.
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    getting from bodrum to izmir airport

    i need to get from bodrum to izmir airport to arrive at the airport by 1.00 pm on a week day in september . i'd be grateful for any ideas about how to do this . is there a bus early in the morning and how much might it cost ? are there any other ways of doing it ? thank you
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    TAPU delay

    wandered if anyone had any advice on how to speed up the TAPU process . nine months after property completed still no sign of TAPU . is there anything that we , or the developer , or the solicitor can do to progress chase or speed up the process ? thanks
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    gumusluk 18/9

    i'm coming over to gumusluk to furnish and move into a new apartment on 18/9 which has just been completed . as i'm going to be coming on my own for a week i'll have some free time and i'd be really interested in meeting anybody who might also be visiting that week or living there . anybody...
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    how to sell an apartment in bodrum area

    i would like some advice please on how to go about selling an apartment in the bodrum area after its construction has been finished . the developer says they would resell it for me for 10% or i could go through a local agent which they say would cost 15% ! these charges seem very high to me ...
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    meya sitesi renovation programme near guvercinlik

    i wandered if anybody knew anything about this renovation called meya villas near guvercinlik , bodrum . its a cooperative being wound up with three bedroom detached villas including new furniture being modernised and sold for £45k also with communal facilities . they are being renovated and...
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    i enjoyed a recent trip to Side and am now considering buying a villa there with a private pool just outside the town near the beach i would welcome any thought or peoples' experience of living there . thanks , paul.
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    property purchase

    i considered purchasing a villa through a private sale on a cooperative near Sarigerme , not far from dalaman and would have wanted to visit it before purchase . i live in UK . but i was told i had to put down a 10% non refundable deposit without being able to see the property and would then be...
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    mecitoglu homes , side

    i wandered if anyone had any experience of this building company which sells aparments and villas in Side ...... any feedback good or bad appreciated . thanks , paul.
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    advice on car hire please

    i'm hoping to rent a car for a few days next month when i'm in Side . i wandered whether anyone had any advicve on whether to rent in advance through one of the big companies or whether local companies offer better deals ? also any feedback on sarigerme and the area around dalaman ? thanks , paul.
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    hello from devon . i want to make contact with people on this site ..
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