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  • Hello again Paul,

    I ve lost your email address.

    Heres the contact details for that developer in Pattaya.

    siameasternview@gmail.com and to browse at the properties & promos www.siameasternview.com Good luck.

    Finally Panya's got a client for that house opposite mine 3.6 Mil Bt!!!!

    All the best,
    Hello Paul,

    Sorry I ve mislaid your Thai Mobile No and Email address. I dont know if you are still in Thailand or if you ve returned back home. Please give us a call or email me. I ve got some pretty concerning news as regards 75% of the developers in Bodrum. Also I would be keen to hear if you have had any success with your issues.

    Also whats the story in respect to Panya and GGH?

    Ok, hope to hear from you soon.

    Best wishes to you & Tom
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