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  • Thanks Dave, yes all well with us. Redders has offered help, no problem, I have met him and will call on him if necessary.
    Hi dave
    how is the wi fi at the sitese ,
    do you think it would cover my place ,
    & lets hope my laptop doesn't get stolen again

    thanks barry
    Hi Dave,

    Looking to put in Digiturk for guests to access English news, documentaries etc. The adverts seem to say many English langugage progarms is that the case?

    We have no Internet access unfortunately.

    Hey Dave, hope your well? Im in Turgutreis at the moment and am wondering where most of you guys hang out? I'm here for just a few more days but will be back in june Would be good to get to know more of the ex pat community. cheers
    hi dave
    last year there was talk of internet access
    on estilion,
    did they install this or is it going to be one of those perhaps
    later job's
    hope your keeping well
    barry - sylvy
    hi..hope u had a nice trip to uk..and sorry to hear about that idiot you knew once and tryed not let it spoil your family time!! we all make mistakes but u still here and isnt it so beautiful to be here....just look what we have got eh? xx be happy xx
    For some reason cannot connect to Skype!!!!!!! Been having probs for a few days darn the thing,I try and get my boy on the case later.
    mo x
    Just a general question? Why doesn't site show were people live/stay when one views a persons profile? Does anyone know? Not sure if I will find it? :) thinkin of coming Musties on Sunday with a friend...Dave when does it start this brunch...and when does it finish..and what is the food from start to finish ..please and how much..thanks xx
    Hi All
    My name is Brian and I have just joined (need to learn how to work my way round this web site!) Good freinds with Mummyduck and Yalimart
    Any help any one can give would be much appreciated
    sorry about that . i did say i was glad they all got home safe and sound . and it was my pleasure to help them , and i will do the same for you when you come over . and please ask it will get me out of the house . dave
    hi dave,

    the girls arrived home ok,

    thanks for all your help, ill see you in a few weeks

    Hi dave
    would you do me a faver & check on my place
    i thought i would be over by now

    theres not a lot i could do from uk
    but i would like to know if all is ok
    thanks: barry
    i miss my efes
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