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  • Hi Debbie,
    We got back yesterday, was touch an go with Cyprus Turkish Airline they were very un organised.
    Hi Debbie

    Happy belated New Year to you and your family.

    Yes I believe our papers are ready to be collected, we are not out until April but will be staying in Bodrum so will pop to Dalalman to pick the papers up.
    We don't spend much time at Whiterock now because the children get bored as there are no facilities there for them.
    Will you be out there in March/April time?

    Paula x
    Hi Paula,

    How are you?

    We're still waiting for Kamil's assets to be released then hopeful for our paperwork. Are you all sorted?

    Debbie x
    Hi Debbie,
    How was Dalaman?? cant wait to get out there. Booked my flights for Easter and July last year so dont have that proble this year, will be splitting my time between Dalaman and the apartment in Bodrum this year.

    Hi Paula,

    Yes G and I went out - romantic eh? The down side was, we did not take, or have out there, enough warm clothing. Live and learn.

    There is a chance Gordon or I or both will be out again shortly but at the moment with work, school exams and social committments the exact date is rather tricky.

    Have you found decent priced August flights? We are seriously struggling. Last year flew for £130 each in August and this year are struggling to establish any under £300.

    Debbie & family
    Oh well, I am sure we will all get together at some point.

    Dalaman is fine, just a little wet. We have had more rain this winter than I have seen before but we have a little sun today so I am making the most of it.

    Not as many changes here over the winter this year. A few more apartment blocks for the locals have gone up around the back streets of the town and we have a new illuminated advert sign near the roundabout. They are building a new Gulf petrol station too, by the hospital on the main road. Oh, and the Palmiye restaurant has re-opened, but I haven't tried it yet. The Dalaman supermarket which, if I remember rightly, you had difficulty finding last year, has gone. It is now a branch of the Sok supermarket chain. Not sure where you can find your beloved Heinz beans now...sorry!

    Other than that, life goes on as usual.

    Hi Paula
    Glad you are getting some interest. Look forward to seeing you in April.

    Was thinking, if Debbie is around at the same time as you, maybe we could all go out for breakfast together.

    Hi Debbie
    I think they are sending that email about money to everyone because we got it as well, even though Steve had arranged payment. When the money was sent as arranged they did not send any message to say they had received it. Steve phoned this morning an Metin said he forgot to send a confirmation email.
    Cheers Paula,
    I find it all so soul destroying. Metin and I got on so well but since my last visit and our garden was only mowed once in 21 days and I happened to mention that to someeone and he was told, he has been very evasive. Not answering emails and when they do answer such as challenging us for money we have already paid -Gordon had to email them the receipt twice then they eventually confirmed but did not apologise. The first chaser email threatened court and we always pay as soon as they ask.
    he used to sign my emails as my best friend! now we are still waiting for them to admit their last email was wrong.
    It is really sullying each trip.
    regards to you all
    Debbie x
    Hi Paula,

    Just wondered if you know any change to Metin's email address. He has not answered any emails for over two weeks and tried to send one just now and it failed saying cannot reach "metin@curbanoglu"
    Any thoughts?

    Debbie X
    Hi Paul,
    Happy New Year to you and your family. Got a message from David stating you would be available to do tidy ups around the Villas for £20 a visit, could you please include us on your list please. Steve will be out within the next few weeks on his way to Bodrum so perhaps payment could be arranged then. Any idea yet how often you will be doing the work? so we can arrange to cover payments until we come over in April.
    Hi Paula,

    Happy New Year to you too!

    Yes, we do provide these services and already have a client at Whiterock, David at number one and we also have a client at Gurkoy, where Debbie's villa is. If you want me to get them to send you testimonials I will contact them.

    If you let me have your e-mail address I will send you our current details and prices.

    I am afraid that we are not cheap and have had to add a travel supplement for getting up to Akkaya, but we are reliable and respond promptly to client's e-mails.

    Look forward to seeing you in April.

    I cant believe some of the posts I have read on here lately..shame it has changed so much..hooked on FaceBook now..my daughter got me started on it when she moved out after the summer to go back to Uni..it's a good way to keep intouch with family and friends without all the clicky arguments!! Have a good time in March..let me know what new developments there are in Dalaman, cant wait!!

    All the best
    Ditto, only the time to pop on and off (a colleague just left without notice so I am working full time at the moment) and the latest silly tit for tat posts and the quietness of Dalaman posts have sullied it somewhat. Still here if you ever want to chat. G&I are going out in March for a week together - really looking forward to it.

    take care
    Happy New Year to you.

    Thought I'd Christen your page! It's been quiet for a while nice to have new inspiration.

    all the best
    Debbie and Girls x
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