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    Turkcell multi user wi-fi unit

    Hi Y'all I am heading into Turkcell in Marmaris when i am next over to buy a stand alone wi-fi unit. I understand that the data bought has a life limit and was wondering if anyone has an online link to allow me to buy more data or top up when not in Turkey to keep sim card live? Thanks in...
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    Long term white tile grout

    Hi all, Our kitchen is being changed out and i let my self off the leash a little with tile choice. Wish i knew how to post a photo! Anyway, a pal of mine is overseeing the build and i don't want to load him up with questions so thought i'd ask here. Another friend tells me that Ice diamond...
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    Metal interior paint?

    Hi all, I am going to undertake the tedious job of rubbing down my metal internal spiral staircase and redoing the metal in a simple brilliant white gloss. Would anybody have a recommendation and importantly a translation into Turkish of a high impact white gloss paint for metal (steel)? I can...
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    looking for apartment rental Icmeler

    Hi, I am a property owner from Turunc. I am looking for an apartment in Icmeler for a week from 12th Oct to 19th Oct. Reason being that our place is in use for the first week of our holiday! We are very low impact and will treat your place with respect as if it was our own. We'd like to be no...
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    DIY trip to Turunc

    I am now on a sub 20 day countdown to being back In Turunc. I am really looking forward to it. At the end of my works there will be a 80cm square shower cubicle and tray and a 1600mm(approx) long white bath, bath panel, shower panel and two of bathroom sinks fitted with taps for sale. I know...
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    This evening i was in a market in Azerbaijan. A Dutch guy in the market had bought a few beers and a bread. He left the market (first time in Azerbaijan i think) and as he crossed the threshold the shopkeeper and two customers shouted to him. I said in my best Scots 'you've forgot your change...
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    Golf clubs in Marmaris?

    Hi, Does anybody know of a golf shop in Marmaris? I wish to practice on a beach this Winter and so i am looking to buy a sand wedge and a 7 iron, nothing fancy just basic clubs. If not possible in Marmaris I will post from UK. Cheers P.
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    Aircon upgrade

    Hi all, I will be upgrading our main bedroom aircon at the end of the month. I will be going for a larger replacement split system. Does anyone have any aircon manufacturers that i should avoid when i am out shopping? Thanks in advance for any assistance given. I was going to look at Arcelik or...
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    Winter flights to Dalaman from UK?

    Hi all, I am offshore on a ship in the middle of the med and my internet connection is very very sssllllllooooowwwwww. One of the guys onboard here fancies using our apartment in November and i am planning on going out in February. Any advice on carriers who fly into Dalaman from the UK over...
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    I am planning a Belgian/French style Saison brewed with some ingredients from Turkey. You may be interested? Cheers P. Bennachie Brewery of Scotland All Grain Brewing Heaven for Beer Geeks.: Frabjous Saison starts
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    Emlak Marmaris area

    I posted one in estate agent section but its hard to be sure how people search when looking for advice so i'll leave this one here. My family and I have recently bought a duplex apartment in Turunc. We have been looking for the past 2 years and committed in October of 2010 to a contract on the...
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    Excellent Emalk in Turunc/Marmairis/Icemeler area.

    My family and I have just bought a duplex in Turunc today. We have been looking for the past 2 years and committed in October of 2010 to a contract on the property after MUCH discussion. Our Emalk is a man called Semih Tuna who runs the estate agents Homes Etc in Turunc A great team here, I...
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    Best place for quality plastic furniture

    Hi, I will be looking to buy the following when i return to Turunc in March. White plastic is the fashion of the day for me. 4 of adjustable back sun loungers 6 of stackable chairs 1 of 60 cm square table 1 of approx 60 by 100cm table(to seat 4) 3 of parasols and 4 of parasol bases(fillable...
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    Best bang for my buck?

    Hello, I am planning to buy a property in Turunc and i am looking for you guys 'n' gals to guide me on the best way to get the most lira for my sterling. I am in the lucky position where i can pay cash for the property. On my return to Turunc in October if all goes well i intend to open a...
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    Hello there

    Hi, My names Pantsmachine. We've(there is a Mrs P) holidayed in turkey on and off since 1992. Returned to turunc for the second year in a row and we have decided to buy a property there. I'm going to spend the next few weeks reading through the forums and asking a few questions which i hope some...
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