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    Belek to Lara beach

    hi, could anyone tell me how long it would take to get to lara beach from belek in a taxi and how much it would cost, thanks
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    antalya airport terminals

    hi does anyone know which teminal thomas cook use from antalya airport, thomas cook say 2 but antalya say 1,?
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    hi, anyone know how far apart serik belek and bogakent belek are and whats the best way to travel beween then, thanks
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    belek hotels

    hi,can anyone tell me how far the zeynep golf resort is from the crystal parasio verde? i have to travel between the 2, can i get a taxi or a dolmus?thanks
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    Aquasis Deluxe Resort and Spa altinkum

    hi, does anyone have any news on the new hotel being built in altinkum the Aquasis Deluxe Resort and Spa, thanks
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    monarch flights to antalya 2015 whats going on?

    Hi, we booked retun flights manchester to antalya for june 2015 with monarch. We booked the flights when they first came on sale in july.2 week later friends phoned monarch trying to book same flights, they were told manchester to antalya flights were under review and are no longer on sale.i...
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    Saray regency

    Hi, does anyone know if anything has happened to the Saray Rengency Hotel near Side?All reviews have been removed from tripdvisor which is strange,We have booked to go in June, Thanks
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    transfers to side

    hi, anyone know of a good transfer service from antaya airport to saray regengy hotel in side,4 adults with suitcases?thanks
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    ersan hotel bodrum

    hi, anyone been to the ersan hotel bodrum?whats it like and can you walk into bodrum from there?
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    barut labada hotel

    hi,anyone been to the barut labada hotel near kemer,not many reviews in english on this one,whats it like and is there anything near by like walks, bars etc,cheers
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    vensoa beach resort and spa

    hi, anyone know where the venosa beach resort and spa is? s it new? anyone been?no reviews anywhere,thanks
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    palm wings

    hi anyone been to palm wings hotel in antinkum? can you recommend it?heard the bar shuts at 11pm are there any nearby bars?
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    saray regency hotel

    hi,anyone been to the saray regency hotel near side?just wondered what it was like.cheers
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    all inclusive antalya

    hi any one heard of any good all inclusive hotels on a beach in antalya or antalya area heard the saray regency is good cheers
  15. P to antalya

    hi,does anyone know whats happening?we booked flights with from manchester to antalya for summer 2011,they are using skr airkines and it is a new route for flights cheap but heard uncomfirmed rumour they are not doing this route anymore.we do not seem to be able to get...
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