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  • Hi Northpole,
    I have suffered from depression & now work as a Counsellor with individuals who require emotional support. These individuals ( some who have mental health issues) are facing a lot of the problems you mentioned in your post.
    I wish you well with the medical intervention ( tiresome but necessary).
    P M me if you want advise/ a friendly chat.
    Where are you in Turkey?
    You will see from my profile that I live in Scotland & Fethiye ( part of the year)
    Dear Sir, My friend needs to take her 2 dogs back to the uk in jan /Feb 2012, someone said you may be able to advise her. can I pass your e mail address on to her . regards Linda
    l hate sickos.And this wasn't the also happend about 3 months ago when l was accused of being a alcoholic and l drink everyday.l was also accused by this source as bulilding kennels in a inferior state where the dogs will freeze to death and only made out of wood.l do think l know who it is.But what l am doing is saving all these negative comments about me and will send them to my lawyer to see if l have a case
    Bob I am sure that it is just some sicko trying to wind you up.
    I hope that it is sorted out for you soon
    Pepperkat ( Bill Webster)
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