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    Serbia crossing

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    Serbia crossing

    Hello all What are your recent experience of crossing the Serbian border by car. Is it as easy as as let’s say crossing the Romanian border or do they give you hassle especially after Brexit.
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    World Cup boycott?

    There’s a lot to talk about Yemen and why the media is ganging up on Sad Arabia and don’t say nothing about Iran but that’s another story for another thread
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    World Cup boycott?

    In my experience when the British media gang up on a weak country like qatar or Saudi Arabia it’s usually because the lucrative contracts didn’t go in the way of the British companies. The French and Germans do the same.So forget about human rights having anything to do with it. It’s nothing...
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    Rental Car

    Bumerang and propercar are both reliable but bumerang seems to be cheaper and they have more automatic cars than propercar
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    Why can’t the BBC for example who has a very good record for promoting good cause campaigns like red nose day also start a similar campaign to encourage people to use less energy.
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    The question is why should we as individuals wait for our governments to ration or not to ration energy for us. Why can’t we ration our own energy use. We all know it’s not in favour of powerful energy companies to embargo energy . It’s up to us people to force them buy less. Is it ready that...
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    Humour, Rude not Racist

    Don’t be surprised. That’s how we Iranians are. The sweater says I love NY The placard reads:Death to America
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    Unfit to be PM

    I don’t think the conservative will let him go simply because they don’t have another face. They hope that this will wash away from people,s mind in three years time. Or at least will not play a major role in their decision making when they go to polling stations.And I also think that the labour...
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    Missing Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi

    Unfortunately poltics has always come before justice. This us not just Turkey but the uk France And usa also have released convicted terrorists for political and economical reasons.
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    Animal v Human life

    You can say a person is worse than an animal but again you have to apologise to animals
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    Road builders in turkey.

    200 tl one way
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    Road builders in turkey.

    This is great news. Yes it will cost 200 tl and I will be happy to pay that when you compare that to the ferry boats changes which was 75 tl last year but definitely more this year . It will not only cut the crossing time but also time saved to actually get on the ferry during hi season. I...
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    Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe returns to Iranian prison

    Who says terrorism and hostage taking does not pay. The mullahs have been doing it since the conception of IS in 1979 and they have always got paid. I’m happy for her release but how many innocent people are going to die as a result of money gained by a terrorist state.
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