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  • Hi Neil,

    Still got a problem with UK access and BBC iPlayer. I keep getting referred to downloading the latest version of Adobe Flash Player and when I do it still prompts me to download the latest version etc...... and so the loop goes on. I can watch ITV and CH4 but not BBC. So what's the way forward?

    Best wishes,

    Hi Neil. I subscribed to uktvaccess this week. Why is it thyat when I connect using a Vinn, iPlayer still recognises that I am in Turkey and blocks me?

    Hi Neil,
    I subscribed to uktvaccess today, as yet I have not received a password or username.
    I was wondering if I have done it properly as I'm not very good at this. I sent the money via google I had to do this twice I don't know if google have taken two lots of money or if I hadn't done it proper the first time. Hope you can help me.
    Hi Neil
    I have today subscribe to uktv access and i have not recieved the password or username?
    amanda gregory
    Hi Neil,

    Now back in Turgutreis, please send me your Paypal email address & amount for full year charge fo UK server,
    i think i just joined some discussion about that ... never claimed to be an authority or started any threads ... pm if you do have a question i can help u with ..
    Thank you for reply to my recent e mail. sorry, have just seen it cos I hadn't realised that TLF had an old e mail address for me.
    Hi Neil,

    This is Dave of the Printer fame (hope it's still working by the way). Presumably if I subscribe to this VPN facility I only use it to watch Tele and not when I'm just generally surfing, or is it all the time?

    Bw, Dave
    Hi Mark

    The VPN was a way to get around the recent Turkish denial of service for Google, so when a lot of GG serviceswere down VPN users were still able to access gmail, etc.


    Hi Kathleen - it's a month ...

    Hi julia - see, it's all there :)
    Hi Neil,
    Recently I have been having trouble with accessing Google related services (even though I am using the OpenDNS servers) and I was wondering if a VPN solution would help.

    Neil, Could you advise the minimum subscription to UK Access TV please?. We are going to Datca on 29th for 5 weeks, what would be the minimum sign up?

    thank you
    hı neıl your name has been gıven to me by dotsıe regardıng englısh tv can you let me have more ınfo please
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