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    we are in Degirmenyani village so we will not be expecting a great connection speed. If you live more than a couple of miles from the exchange (cable Lengh and not road miles) the slower you get. Any way thanks for your email.


    I live just outside of Marmaris centre at the foot of the Marmaris/Mugla road and get very slow speeds despite paying for the higher package. My speeds are hovering at just under 1mb but have been consistently bad for many months. AM still in negotiation with TTNet who are attempting to improve my service and they are aware of the problem. They say it is because I live too far from their signal network,but it's only a twenty minute walk from the town centre. I have several friends getting speeds of around 3.5 who live in or near the Marina area.We are all on the unlimited up to 8mb package which is around 55TL a month.
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