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  • hi,
    may ı have an information about the advertisement please?
    I have my own estate agent in Fethiye and wd like to put my flyer in a little box on the sides your forum pages or wherever I can...need to know the cost annual / size / etc., details...
    thanks & cheers,
    neylan brock
    Hello Muştaq,
    1) I get a very distressing e.mail from a customer stranded in The Phillipines. Handbag stolen, no money, no passport etc but luckily I knew that she was here in Side so I fhoned her. She's really stressed now, her yahoo account obviously hacked and all her contacts have probably had the same mail!
    2) I typed out quite a long post to go on Yalimart's new thread re' the lamb killings around where his place is and the whole thing disappeared into thin air! Tried all ways to get it back, never found it and as yet I haven't made the time to do it again.
    3) Someone trying to get into my TLF account.
    The good news is that that's 3 things. Always come in 3's don't they? Maybe that's the end of it for today.
    The best news is that I really can't imagine anyone (apart from daughter Sally) coming up with my password but I suppose we never know? Nothing is sacred these days.

    Keep up the good work and thanks again. Ann. (Freedom 49) xx
    I received a message this morning from the you that someone with the IP Address and email address: had tried logging into my account using a password that failed 5 times. I don't know nor recognised the IP address that was being used (but the email address is mine although it had been shortened to and as I had not tried accessing my account at that time nor have done for many many months I am very concerned that someone was trying to hack into my account. I have now created a new account so wish to cancel that other one but don't remember all my account details for the old one either! Please advise. Thanks rainflower39
    Hi Mushtaq

    Check this forum out for some great SKINS......

    You can install totalxbmc repo on your device and look for their TOTAL REVOLUTION build that allows you to change the skins so that your device will have the look and feel of some of the builds that box sellers charge an arm and a leg for on ebay etc.

    You can do all this for free from totalxbmc......this is the same site that I bought my LBB (little black box)

    The main man (lee) whufclee is their admin and a very helpful guy.....join their forum for free....donate if you like.....but they are by far the best forum for XBMC users.....they believe that everything should be free and nothing barred.

    I installed ANDYS build on my box yesterday and it is a great I said you can put on any device....would be great for you and the boxes you are supplying to members in Turkey.
    Dear Mushtaq, I wish to let the readers know about my apartment that I am going to rent privately. I am the owner and not a real estate business. How can I let the readers know that I am renting out my apartment without having my post deleted because it is mistaken for a business advert ?
    Hello Mushtaq,

    I too am interested in buying one of these boxes for use in Altinkum, Turkey. Please let me have details of how to purchase
    I am absolutely astounded you are allowing such blatantly racist and anti Scottish comments to appear on your otherwise excellent forum. Substitute the word Scottish for let's say black for instance. Then see how it reads.
    hello Mustaq all good with you I hope ..I am interested in one of your Android boxes .to be delivered to Kusadasi..can you give me details..cheers John..
    Hi Mushtaq I am interested in one of the android boxes for delivery in Turkey. I would be grateful for info about how to make a payment and delivery .. thanks
    Hello Mushtaq, I would be very interested in one of your android boxes for UK delivery.
    If you have one available, please let me know how I can pay for one. Regards. Ray.
    Hi Mushtaq
    Do you have any of your android boxes available or know when you might have?
    Kind regards
    The TLF shop is perfect! I tryed it. Very easy to use. thank you, for the access into the tlf shop.
    Hi Mushtaq
    Do you have any of the android boxes still? I see you had some in November
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