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  • Thanks Gary,
    these things happen. Its been on the cards for some time now. Even buying the villa was a sort of attempt at buying happiness but hey, its just not that simple. It feels like a weight off my shoulders and if things do come to a satisfactory conclusion i'll be more than happy. Its been a strange xmas and newyear but i'm back on my feet and lifes lookin good. With a bit of luck the wife will calm down and stop trying to rip the shirt from my back and life will go on... preferably on a more scenic route. :)
    I haven't been posting because
    a. i haven't had the time to sit at the pc for an hour or so
    b. the wife didnt let me have the pc to sit at for an hour or so ! hehe.

    I'm in Turkey in March so i'm lookin forward to that. I might even bring the new girlfriend. ;-)
    I still nip in here now and then, i dont think i'll leave TLF behind just yet but i'll leave the boards and the bollix to others for now.
    chat soon Gary.
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