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  • Thank God! That is fantastic news. A huge sigh of relief I bet. My niece had a cyst on her brain and the same thing it hasn't grown so they are not worried about it. We just got back from turkey last night. Had a great time. 3 weeks just flew by. Now that all is ok with tony and if it's ok with you we may pop over fir a visit in august minus kids for my birthday. What's d nearest hotel to you? We will rent a car so even if it's a bit far we don't mind. Love anna Murray and kids
    Hi A+M just read your message, good news Tony went to see the specialist and he said that the lump had not grown and had been there for a while. He has to go back in 4mths time for a check and if all is ok they will lenthen the check time to 6mths-12months.He and us are over the moon, he is not on any treatment. Hope your both ok , i will email you at a later date. Love Roy + Sarah xxx
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