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    Question Sunbeds and cushions

    Ok thanks very much!
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    Question Sunbeds and cushions

    Thanks Steve we’ll try there
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    Question Sunbeds and cushions

    Hi all We have a villa in Yalikavak and are after some sunbeds and cushions, could anybody tell me where I can get some please at a reasonable price as I need quite a few! Many thanks!
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    Water bill

    Hi all Can anybody tell me if we can pay our water bill on-line through the bank. We are with the HSBC in Turkey and pay our electric and wi-fi that way when we’re back in England, by just clicking on the drop down list - we’re with Aydem and Vodaphonenet - but I can’t find anything on the...
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    Beaded curtains

    Hi all We've just finished furnishing our villa in Yakikavak but need some 'beaded curtains' or something similar for a couple of doorways off the living room - proper doors wouldn't be suitable - does anyone know where we could by these from locally? Thanks very much!
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    New Year in Yaliavak!

    Hi All My family and I are coming to Yalikavak for the New Year and were wondering what hotels are open then (or self-catering accommodation), and also wheres the best place to be for New Years celebrations - not really night clubs probably more "family sort of stuff! Thanks a lot!:cheers:
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    Looking for a villa

    Hi All We own a two-bedroom apartment in Yalikavak, (near the Marina), which we have had for six years but we are now looking to buy a larger villa within or around the same area. We would need it to have at least three bedrooms and two bathrooms and also a pool, it would also be handy if it...
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    Waterpark in Yalikavak

    Hi all Is the Pirates of the Cactus Waterpark in Yalikavak still there, I remember seeing it last year - or was it the year before - but have never been, we're coming out at the end of May with the whole family and thought it might be a good place to go!
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    wanted! 3 piece suite etc.

    Hi All We're coming to Yalikavak tomorrow until next Tuesday and was wondering if anybody locally is selling a three piece suite, sofa bed or anything of that nature as we're looking for something along those lines. Thanks very much!
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    Price of sunbeds?

    Hi All After having searched the threads on here I can't seem to find anything out about this so can anyone tell me what the going rate is for your bog-standard plastic sunbed? I've been on-line at Koctas and they're 149.90tl there which seemed a bit expensive - or is it? Can I get them cheaper...
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    Advice on cleaning marble!

    Hi Can anyone give me some advice on cleaning the marble floor in my bathroom, there are limescale/water marks near the bath/shower and its all discoloured, (a yellowy, browny colour), and doesn't look very nice, don't want to run the risk of using the wrong product and ruining the floor so...
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    Marina Apartments - communication problem!

    Hi All We have an apartment at Marina Apartments in Yalikavak and could really do with making contact with someone on the same site who can speak - and write good English as we are having trouble communicating efficiently with the caretaker to arrange for his wife to do our cleaning/washing etc...
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    Learning Turkish - help!

    Hi Everyone:help: Now that we've bought our apartment in Yalikavak I really want to try and learn Turkish so that I can communicate and understand things a bit better; problem is I don't really know where to start, I've heard of Rosetta Stone but it seems quite expensive and I don't really want...
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    In need of a Painter & Decorator!

    Hi All We've nearly completed the purchase of our apartment at Marina Everli and are looking for a local Painter and Decorator to do some work for us, preferably before we come out in April - can anyone recommend anybody - thanks
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    shipping stuff over!

    Hi all Got back from yalikavak a few weeks ago after spending the new year there which was absolutely brilliant - one of the best ones we've had in ages! We're in the proceeds of buying an apartment near the marina and theres some stuff we'd like to ship over from here to go in it, can anybody...
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