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  • Hi Kym,
    Can you let me have the webste address for you plastic surgeon friend. Thanks so much. I have searched through your threads but cannot find.
    Thanks you
    Hi Kym,

    Hope last minute arrangements for Friday are goıng to plan! I was talkin to Noddy (forget hisname maybe you know hım?) Anyway he saıd there is a German Xmas Market in Izmir on 19 Dec, saıd his wife was going with WIT group. I just wondered if there ıs a Market on thıs date cos when I searched on net ıt kept bringing up 27 Nov! Me and ML are interested to know if there really ıs a market on on this day? Just thought ıf Noddy has got ıt rıght you may know!
    Thanks for any help, good luck tomorrow ...break a leg!

    hi kym
    according to the forums you have some information on health insurance, having just spent 5100.00tl in the Ahu Hetman its somethi ng i really need to sort. could you help with any info please.
    Hi Peter,

    Will be good to see you both :) Cassrole now up and running again and under new management - Had the opening last Saturday, was a very good night but I was a tad under the weather come Sunday!!

    Have a great journey and see you soon xx
    Hi Kym, won,t be long now 2 weeks on Sat, so looking forward to it,prob, pop in to see you guys, sometime, what news of bar/restaurant accross the road from you, did they ever get up n running again.

    Cheers Peter
    Hi Kym

    we are looking to sell our large 2 bed apartment in Didim area fully furnished to a high standard...

    can you please pm me with your details as we are over in march and would like more details of selling ......

    we have tapu and hab cert in place


    hi kym, we have two friends who wish to buy our duplex off us, and have agreed price. we just want someone to change over title deeds etc. as the money can be exchanged here as they are friends. is this something you could arrange for us? and would this need all four persons to attend and how long would this take to do? and could you please give me some idea of costs involved? regards david & emma..
    hello kym,ive sent you emails,but your not getting them,can you send photo of for sale sign on property,and do you put properties on turkish forum,also i received my new tapu with box now ticked.john
    Hi Kym, I am very interested in your property swap scheme, can you give me more info, I have a 2 bed apartment in Kalkan and am looking for an area that has a breeze (as Iam finding the temperature especially in July/august) a little too much for both myself and hubby. We have lived in Kalkan for the last 2 years and love it, but as a permanent home it is not right. I am looking for a property with a garden and somewhere safe for my cat to roam around in, we are open to areas. Look forward to your email reply
    Hi Kym
    Thanks for reply to my email about property swap. I did try to post a reply immediately on yours but nothing seems to have happened!
    My email address is and I look forward to further information from you about the scheme or any possible swaps or sales.
    Hello Kym. As you are well versed in Estate Agency parlance here in Turkey I wondered if you by any chance knew an easy way to find out where a Parsel is located in Didim. Just looking at the article in the voices (on line). Many thanks.
    We are moving out to Bodrum in a few weeks and will require medical insurance. I am 57 and my husband is 61. No serious illnesses and my husband has had a new knee put in one leg. Otherwise very fit!

    Would be interested in Medline prices. Can you please send me a list.
    Thank you for your help
    Hi Kim
    Sorry to hear you have been poorly again,I guess your going to be very dubious now when eating out.But I am happy to take some advise from you regarding medical insurance after all you have the experience to now whats best so any information you can send me will be gratefuly recieved.
    Kind Regards
    hey!! looking for an apartment near the main beach or up near the carrfour,the dates have changed to the 12th july....

    also do u know anything about getting married there too? mum and dad wanna renew vows out there too???

    thanks a million xxxx
    Hey Ms Who..

    I was told to get intouch with you for some advice for some acomodation in altinkum,
    I have stayed in the star apartments for the last 4 years but h4u stopped doing them and tbh they werent as good as they used to be,however i was going to stay in the sultan aparts with h4u but i would like to try and book an apartment out there,
    We'r coming out with h4u on the 29th june for 3 weeks returning on the 20th july.
    Lookingfor something near the Man beach or up near the carrefour i dont like the 1st beach or the 3rd beach :(
    be willing to pay around 400 for 3 weeks

    Can you help?

    Hi Kym. Thanks for your reply have added you to my msn and sent a message to your hotmaill account

    Hello Kim. I moved to Altinkum three weeks ago with my hubby and two boys (aged 3 and 13) and have read many of the threads relating to WIT and would be interested in getting involved/attending meetings. Unfortunatley, I missed the last meeting. How often are the meetings held in Altinkum?

    Also I'm a bit of a fitness freak and was wondering if you knew of any local fitness classes that the WIT members attend or are involved in?


    hi kym, you keep looking at me when you see me as if to say is that trevor or not? next time i see you i will give you a secret wink then you will know its just me, trev xx
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