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  • Hi Mollag would it be better for her to return to uk and apply for visa in Turkish consulate to extend her stay
    Hi Mollag
    My daughter is in turkey and has been since April she has 13 days left on here 90 days visa , can she apply to extend her tourist visa to allow her to stay in marmaris or will she have to come home to apply via Turkish consulate .

    She has gone to police in marmaris to try to extend but they told her no

    Where does she nee to go to extend if she can.

    Hi Mollag

    Hope you don't mind me pming you.

    We have a 2 bed penthouse apartment in Gumuskaya (between Gumusluk and Yalikavak) that we would be interested in renting out longer term for 550tl per month, fully furnished. Water and service charges included. It's in a block of 4 apartments in a small complex of 18 apartments. Caretaker on site plus one English couple who live there full time.

    Let me know if you're interested!

    Kind regards

    Hi there
    Wonder if you can help - do you know if the holder of a Manx passport as opposed to a "British" Manx passport, ie without the right to reside in EU (despite Turkey not being in EU) would have difficulty getting an entry visa to Turkey? Someone who holds such has asked but I have a Brit/Manx p/port as I' I don't know. They don't want to be refused entry...

    cold and wet in the IOM - hope it's better with you.

    Hi Rob,

    We are at Sunlight and generally go there about 3 times a year, probably won't be there again before about October now - we were there for 3 weeks in March. We usually go well out of season / school holidays etc so it's nice & quiet!
    You're not missing anything in the IOM - weathers crap (again).
    Hey mollag,

    I live in Peel but have an apartment in Gumusluk which my wife and I vist about 3 times a year. Sorry for the late reply - I'm frequently away from home and don't always check e mails etc. Whereabouts are you - Douglas or Turkey?
    Regards, Doug
    Hi Mollag, thanks for your help on the turkish classes. I hope to call in on Tuesday to Ozzies, hope to meet you there.
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