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    I know this is not turkey related,but,has anybody heard of a company called (world capital partners) it is a company that deals in off plan property investments and sells options to either sell your share or buy property with possible 70% return, can anyone tell me whether they know anthing...
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    Who Sang?

    Can someone help me pleeease? Westlife are at number 1 with their new single 'you raise me up' and every time my husband hears it he keeps asking who sang the original version, he's driving me mad. Will somebody please put me and him out of our misery, I've tried to find out but no luck :splat...
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    Exchange rate

    Can anyone tell me the exchange rate in altinkum today and where to go to get the best rates when we are there?, restraunt,bank, who normally gives the best deals? Moe
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    Buying furniture with cheques/cash

    Do furniture shops accept travellers cheques? if so, would we be better buying with those or would we get a better deal paying with sterling cash, is there any difference. Moe
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    Discount cards

    I have heard you can get discount cards for the supermarkets. Can anyone tell me how you get them and how they work? Apparently you can save yourself quite a few bob. moe
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    Cornellia Village

    Mushtaq could you give me the grid ref for the Cornellia Village, I know it's up by the migros somewhere, would like to get my bearings.
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    I am trying to find exactly where the 'Cornellia Village'complex is, would you be able to give me a grid reference on the map and tell me how far it is from dolphin square? - is it within walking distance, are there any bars/restraunts around there?
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    dvd and video players

    Hi all,I'm sure i have read this somewhere but can't remember where.. can we take out a dvd player, video recorder, play station or is there a tax on these, don't want to get landed with a bill! Also can we just change the plugs on these to turkish plugs or do they need some kind of regulator...
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    Air Conditioning install - is it messy?

    we want to get a few air con units fitted into our new build, will there be much mess and how long do they take to fit them? Moe
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    Does anyone know anything about dentists in altinkum? how much they charge for cosmetic treatment and are there any you would recommend? just wondering if it is worth getting anything done over there or here. Moe
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    didim area for a property?

    Hi everyone, can anyone tell me what the area is like by the migros and apollo temple didim? a few complexs are being or have been built there and i wanted to know if there is much night life regarding bars and restraunts nearby, also how far is it from altinkum centre? all info gratefully...
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    new member

    Hello everyone I have decided to join your forum because I have enjoyed reading all your comments and stories about Turkey. We are in the middle of buying our first property in Altinkum, near 3rd beach. We are thinking about buying a second one and was wondering if anybody knew if there is a...
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