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  • Hi Rachel-The PTT will collect the boxes ( 10 in total)tomorrow from me.I didn't have your father in Law's name so they are all addressed to him c/o Mrs Rachel.The boxes are full of children's clothes and bedding/towels etc.After the Cargo is paid I will send the rest of the Money.I do not have the full details for the ziraat bank-please send or I can send to Is bank.Thank you for all your help ..we were all bouyed up by the election result-you are your husband must be happy as we all are xxx
    Hi Rachel, have a fantastic birthday, is it Sunday when hubby is coming over? if so then it will be one of your best birthdays. Rosemary Xxx
    Hi Rachel & Pumpkin,

    How are you guys, Camila & I Cant wait to see you this summer I’ve told my family lots about you.

    As you might know Rachel I’ve had a bad knee injury Torn Cartilage on the left and I will be going into Ahu Hetmen to have Surgery.

    I’ll be going to Marmaris this weekend after an 4 months absent I believe the whole landscape has changed with Tansah now gone.

    I will keep you guys posted of my convalesce and all things Marmaris.

    Thanks For PM

    Adel M
    Hi Rachel. Hope you got my previous message - I havent got the hang of this website yet ... so not sure. Here is my address for posting the earplugs ...Beverley Farnham, Tuzla Mah 590 Sokak Num 7, Alize Apart D.4, Fethiye, Mugla 48300. Thanks again, and let me know what you feel is the best way of paying you for them.
    Hi this is so kind of you, I was about to start a new thread, just to ask if any kind person in Istanbul could call in for me..I am mainly worried about the poor cats...I would appreciate your husband's help so are an angel, and he a Good Samaritan! I would happily pay for any expenses involved, even phone calls, I would be so grateful for any news of my babies and/or the flight booking, as Mr Sumerman just doesn't communicate unless he is pushed all the time, and then none! Contact details are...1 Menekse Sokak, Ferahevler, Tarabya - Istanbul. This is the address of the company Sumerman International, and the only numbers I have are these: 05322117691 and 90 212 223 5818. Here also is the website address if you need it: I don't know the name of the pet hotel or number, if I can get in touch with him I'll let you know that too.
    Many, many thanks!
    Jan xx
    Hye rachel, I haver pmed you but never know whether it actually sent or not.. do you have an email I could get in touch through, at least I know theyve sent. Thanks xx
    Hi Rachel, Ive tryed pming you but it wont send for some reason? inbox full? Just to say thankyou again for sending the things, kyans so excited for christmas, and thanks for the lovely christmas card.. Hope you survived your trip ok :<D xxx
    Hi Rachel
    I got your message, sorry I haven't had time to reply and I can't for the life of me suss out how to empty my in box.
    Give me a ring on 0114 2425 422
    Hi there - Paula in Lincoln here! Still collecting soft toys - when in July do you leave for Turkey so I can get them sent to you on time - thanks Paula
    No Rachel my box isn't full . But i'll delete a few messages maybe then you can pm me . I tried to phone you but you were out xxxx.....Diane
    Hi Rachel,
    Thanks very much for your PM. Rest assured my issue is not with you or your family personally. As you will be well aware we have never met, therefore it would be most improper of me to make this an issue between me and yourself. My only intention was in trying to get the other character involved to hopefully respond, and perhaps explain his actions. I am sure that you and your children are lovely people, and if in any way I have offended you please accept my sincerest apologies.
    I am a reporter at the Nottingham Post. I read your message on Turkish Living Formum about your cancelled holiday. We are writing a story for tomorrow's paper about the collapse of Goldtrail and wanted to speak to people affected from Notts. Would you be happy to speak to us? If so, email me your contact number to or Alternatively call us on 0115 964 4065.

    Best regards,

    Chris Birkle
    I would like you & Pumpkin to come and visit Me & My Family My daughter of 11 Camilla at our House at the back of Kipa in Armutlan This year Please.
    It will be a pleasure to share some wonderful thoughts.

    I think we are rather like the new Coalition first neighbours then sworn enemies and hopefully friends in the same town.


    Adel M
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