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    Do you have pictures of Istanbul cats or dogs?

    A new Facebook group is dedicated to images of animals in Turkey. I know Istanbullians love their cats (been there many times). Would love tou have all your pictures of all Istanbul animals. Or just join to enjoy the group Animals of Turkey: Images, Photos, Videos
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    Tax free new car - what am I missing?

    I guess this has been talked about before but I would love to know the up-to-date views / rules. As far as I can see, cars are taxed (import / KDV) at a minimum of 37% up to 84%. Also foreigners under certain conditions can buy a car tax free - that is with a minimum of 37% discount (note: I...
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    Solving hard water problem

    Where I am the water is hard. Everything gets covered in hard deposits - plates, shower cubicle etc. The clothes dry without any softness etc. I have read various fixes - some of which seem to require a device connected to the mains inlet but that needs expensive maintenance. Last night a...
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    How are you securing your Turkish property?

    I am in Ovacik and there has been a spate of burglaries including 4 in the villa next to mine. Luckily, we have not been affected but it is a worry as many of the breakins have been in the middle of the night. It is also a worry when you are away for extended periods and we have heard all sorts...
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    Any secondhand furniture places in Fethiye?

    Looking for a wooden desk is possible in the Fethiye area. Thanks.
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    Post Office Box

    We are in Ovacik. I was reading about the problems getting post delivered and thought that a PO Box would be a good idea. I went to the Ovacik PTT (they have lots of boxes) but the chap said it is dealt with in Fethiye. So I went to Fethiye and amongst the language problems I was taken up some...
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